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Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Baddest Man on Earth, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. First of all, I know this is not high on the list of priorities for Cloud and Arbiter, but we seriously need one.

    My suggestion is mandatory reviews. If someone has run a bot for X hours, they have to post a review before they can use it again.
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  2. I approve of this message.
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  3. sorry for retardness but what exactly is this? o_O
  4. Wait, reviews? I always comment on any issues but where would I leave a review?

    edit: oh, found it. Never even noticed those before honestly. I'll start leaving reviews from now on, lol.
  5. Inb4 "thnx for bot."
  6. Basically the user would have to write a review about a bot after X hours of using it. This promotes an active forum and the responsible bot author knows what to improve on his bot :)
  7. Thats the weakness of this... @Baddest Man on Earth any idea?
  8. I thought he meant with the built in reviewing system in the resource section or whatever.

    Just left him my first review lol
  9. Tomorrow, you will see a black van parked in front of your house. Three masked men will walk out and kick down your door. They will waterboard and electrocute you. Then they will ask you to change the review. They will repeat that process every day until I am satisfied.
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  11. But it's masterrace, no negotiating.
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  12. I would only rate if the owner says it's the most optimal he can achieve, . If there's bugs, report them, don't leave bad ratings because that doesn't fix anything about the quality.
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  13. And I'm on vacation from bot development so don't expect to fix anything soon.
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  14. This is implying I didn't already post about those issues a while ago.

    Anyway, if I were to buy something from Amazon and it was a piece of shit, I'd leave it a bad review. I don't see why this should be any different.
  15. I never said it was optimal, I just haven't implemented them yet.
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  16. There still can be put some more thinking into this but it's a begin! :)
    Like users with 200+ posts or something should be care free about this ect.
  17. None shall be above the law.
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  18. Except that pi artisans is a free bot, so you didn't pay for it. I had no issues with it, and besides who cares if it wastes 2-9 seconds? If you care that much, you should just play legit :) 2-9 seconds is nothing when a bot actually works :)

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