Anyone believe bots like iDungeon, etc. will ever return?

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  1. It seems like the amount of script bot writers/ ambition to code new sophisticated scripts bots has dropped a lot from back in the day.

    Anyone believing the botting community will ever be at where it used to be?
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    Bot script bot on top of the script bot of bot
  2. With Runescape 3 having much lower player numbers than it has had historically, there isn't as much of a demand to create sophisticated bots like in years gone by.

    Furthermore, Jagex have changed the game when it comes to bot detection quite significantly - what you may have gotten away with in the past would get you banned now. This in turn means the way bot clients work with the game client has changed too.

    iDungeon was amazing, my best run was nearly 3 days straight without issues. I doubt we will ever see the complexity and stability of a bot like that again.
  3. I believe that bots to a similar quality will be created sometime in the near future.
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  4. Also, I think that RedDungeon might come back.
  5. Idungeon was amazing. some of the scripts bots available are still pretty neat.
  6. Just out of curiosity, how would you compare your awesome skills to the one that made iDung
  7. Kiko wrote the whole thing in one huge class, so while slash may not have developed the most well known dungeoneering bot in history, he sure has a better understanding of modularizing things and designing software.
  8. That's what I thought :)
  9. People are busy. For writing complex bots you need time, nerves and sympathy, knowledge of rs for this game.

    So i doubt it will happen before school/college/jobs have vacation/holiday.
  10. This plus smaller player base + less demand = less money making opportunities, which make things like school/college/jobs seem more worth it.

    I'd also argue that the people who developed the "legendary" bots from years gone by have now outgrown Runescape - most people grow up and move on in life.
  11. and don't get me wrong, there were plenty of super sophisticated bots in comparison if not greater back in the day no doubt, idung was just one i took the most advantage of.

    that autoslayer bot if i remember correctly was absolutely incredible.

    maybe were just an older crowd now and not much younger generation has come to fill the shoes.
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    I might add, but I'm not too sure about this assumption but it definitely seems that the clients have completely revolutionized, while the bots seemed to have peaked?
  12. If someone wants to dedicate the time then it would be possible.
  13. Basically, this. You can't make much with a premium bot on RM nowadays, especially since the best version to goldfarm on is 07 (and Tribot is more goldfarmer-friendly than RM). A dungeoneering bot would require at the minimum hundreds of hours to create as well as a high level character. Most of the time spent would be on data collection and debugging rather than actual programming. That's why most dungeoneering bot projects that get announced never even enter beta stage.

    If one wanted to prepare for their career, doing problems on Leetcode/Hackerrank/etc to prepare for interviews and working on independent projects to put on your resume/Github would be a far more efficient use of your time. Even after sinking many hours into a dungeoneering bot, it might still be a buggy mess!

    Also, RS's smaller playerbase and higher ban rate means significantly less new bot writers are entering the scene, while old ones retire due to other obligations as stated by yourself.
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  15. Fairly hard. I took a look just now, and it's all quite different in terms of API. And the fact that it's a giant class doesn't make it much easier.
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  16. There are some factors imo that hold the scene from reaching its "glory" again:
    • Even if clients are undetectable and bot writers implement impressive "anti pattern" features, the amount of bans still will be much higher than what it was pre-botwatch, holding some players from using bot services (thus reducing the motivation of bot writers from creating new bots).
    • Because of Jagex's attempts at removing bots from the game, it has become much harder to develop bots, especially for new programmers or for advanced bots:
      • New programmers who are new to the scene and don't have much experience working with bot-watch, will get frustrated very quickly when they get banned on many of their newly opened accounts, or in the worse case, get banned on their main if they try to develop a more interesting bot.
      • Advanced bots are much harder to develop because if you get banned on one account, it will take some time to create another one that meets the requirements to further develop the bot (for example, ganodermics, chaos dwarves, qbd, etc...).
    The last point holds the scene from acquiring new talent and new interesting bots.

    To better emphasize my point, let's imagine you are writing an AIO dungeoneering bot. You have come to the point where you have a working bot with all the feature except for the warped bosses. After writing the first version of the handler for these bosses, would you really want to test it on your account that has 113+ dungeoneering and probably other impressive skills, while having a non-zero chance of getting banned? A question that in the past would have resulted in an immediate "Sure", now would have many bot writers question their answer.
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  17. It would probably be easier to write one from scratch and just use the data collected. Given that these data are still up to date. And Given that the mechanics are still up-to-date.
  18. As saviour and Derk said, would be better to write a new one
    Noticed this when analysing powerbot script bot code when I was writing scripts bots for runemate

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