Anyone done this yet?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Omgwtfbbq, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. I have seen a few bots to sort the friend list out so I was wondering why not have a bot to ignore every level 3 player in the area. This could mute all the spammers at Grand Exchange. :)

    It would be surprising if no one has done this yet. If not then I will probably try to write something up later. And maybe a bot that friends every pker around my level and whispers please don't shoot me I'm friendly! lol
  2. The former concept isn't really good because anyone who has skiller friends will be inconvenienced.
    You would essentially have to produce a whitelist or something, which to be quite honest I can't see happening because it will draw both resources and time from the more important issues of a bot client.
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  3. I was unaware that you could ignore those on your friend list. That could make for some awful friendship destroying miss clicks. I was proposing something along the lines of clearing the entire ignore list and redoing it on the spot. Currently I end up ignoring just about everyone trying to catch up with the spammy chatter.

    More important issues of a bot client? You mean like designing my own artificial intelligence to finally assert my avatar as a non playable character? "Go free my pixel buddy! Live long and prosper! *splat* oh no he died again, totally did not see that coming :("
  4. Because being cheeky will net you any points I'm sure.
    I can't help but feel you're narrow minded by assuming your logic is applicable to everyone, which might I add it's not. While you may not want to communicate with genuine players, that doesn't go for everyone.
    Something like a chat filter is far too complex for some generic level 3 blacklist to work efficiently, it simply won't happen.

    And if you believe there are not more pressing matters than a ridiculous filter, then I'm afraid you couldn't be further from the truth, there are still a multitude of factors that can be improved for both a better user experience and generally better performance. The fact you can't tell this makes me wonder if you've either had no experience with bots in the past or just are woefully unaware.
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  5. I have already started coding something up and should be at the testing phase soon enough. The documents have been a great help: I'm not sure how to go about publishing the final product. It seems there is a lot of hype for such a bot. Please no more negative reinforcement I will get to it when I can.
  6. Not trying to be negative, merely wanted to establish the fact that it's not a high priority compared to other features.
    And I don't know if I'm missing something, but I can't see any hype for this as I am the only person to have commented on this thread.
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  7. I highly doubt that the PM spammers are actually near you, that would cost too much for membership. (?)
    They probably have an account running around, gathering the names and then using a F2P account to PM everyone on the list.

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