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  1. hello, so I have have recently wanted to maybe start getting into learning how to write basic bots and learn to expand upon them. However I have little background in Java and know I need to learn it. I know C++ and I'm sure a lot of the basic things will kind of transfer over. I know there are a lot of basic guides here but I was wondering if there are any bot authors here willing to show what I should learn? I would assume if I just learn from a book I will learn a lot of things I may not really need to know for coding the bots. Anyone willing to give me an outline of what I really should learn?
  2. I would say that learning Java's OOP aspect is essential to write good bots.
  3. Just do what I'm doing, study some open source bots, get in the Dev chat (Slack & Discord) and start asking questions to the guys who know.

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  4. where can I find open source bots?
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