Dark Ape Atoll Hardwood (Mahogany/Teak)

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Null, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. After Deadliest catch quest is done there's a bank chest that appears for quick banking.
  2. I support this.
  3. Yes i need this for my ironman on rs3 been looking for one for a while, support this
  4. Full support, would need this aswell for ironman!
  5. Thanks. :)

    It's also not a bad money maker. There used to be a bot for this on PB I asked a script bot Writer to make. Used it on two accounts from 50 WC to around 15m experience on each with a combined 7,000 special mahogany logs.

    Great for tons of cash or free 99 construction.
  6. Exactly what i had in mind, might even look for a bot author to make it a special request, i'll see who i can find. ;)
  7. Thank you so much was seriously considering getting untrimmed 99 con on my ironman and i think this would make it possible, like how cool would that look
  8. Well... you'd most likely end up with 99 wc before con.
  9. It's already in my bot, I just hope the location of the bankchest is at the same-ish place.

    @Null would you happen to let me lend an account that has access to this place and bank?
  10. For the mahogany tree, it's more effective to just camp at one tree. This one below.


    Also, I'll PM you the details to the account.
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  11. would be good for darkscape if not for the fact that the monsters are always aggresive even if you are in monkey form
  12. Yes I figured that out on Darkscape after I finished all the requirements. It's still good for RS3 though.

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