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Discussion in 'Client Updates' started by Cloud, Nov 5, 2013.

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  1. Shortly after our initial release, an api extension will be added which will allow the expansion of the bottom of the client window. Bots will be able to pre-define a height for this extension, and then be able to render directly onto this window via JavaFX. This will replace the traditional canvas overlay mechanism used by traditional bots in favor of a more flexible, widely supported, and proper implementation. In addition, users will be able to manually collapse and re-expand all window extensions.

    As always, the communities suggestions and feedback are always welcome.
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  2. Seems interesting.. Nice :)
  3. As a note, this provides a flexible model that can be as simple as paint (couple lines to quickly output data) with the help of provided helper classes or a more advanced configuration with full access to native JavaFX functionality, like tabbed panes, graphs, progress bars, etc. To see an impressive array of these features in action I would recommend taking a look at the Ensemble gallery in the official Oracle JavaFX Samples. It's beautiful stuff.
  4. jfx is pretty nice
  5. Keep up the work, this will be a great addition.
  6. Great job Cloud.
  7. Good job Cloud; I like you already.
  8. Wow! I can't wait for it
  9. Awesome! Thanks Cloud
  10. seems like a cool idea!
  11. This has already been released, and because of that this will be archived.
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