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  1. Well, ArbiBots was brought up in another thread and I couldn't help but feel the need to create its own thread! Relive the ArbiBots' days and the nostalgia here! For those who were fortunate enough to see the ArbiBots Era, please bring up your best moments on ArbiBots, your favorite scripts bots from ArbiBots and everything ArbiBots! :p

    I'm also sure @Arbiter will appreciate this! :)
  2. I remember all, I'm sure most will remember my thread about maxing an account using only Arbibots scripts bots. I might actually start that over on RuneMate ;)
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  3. Let's make it a challenge.
    Whoever can get the highest total level only using RM scripts bots? :p
  4. Deal.
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  5. I wonder if @Arbiter can recover and implement some of the old ArbiBots collection into RM for OS. That would be SWEEEEET.
  6. Im doing this using only my own scripts bots which I release to the store ;)
    Getting 99 magic+divi atm :)

    If you need a script bot for this goal let me know :D
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  7. Will do
  8. Any progress on those accounts you could maybe get? :p
  9. Haha.
    Sounds good, bud. I'm probably going to get 99 Divination with your script bot. :p
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  10. I like! :D goodluck :)

    Releasing a cooker + powerminer tomorrow :)
  11. That wasn't me, that was @Falixus who promised that.
  12. Really? I thought it was you.. probably thought it was you because you're the one that got me to know RuneMate :p was reading your topic @pbot in the dutch section ;)
  13. So my advertising bans did pay off.. Lol!
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  14. @Exile
    I always keep promises. :p
    I'll PM you the details.
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  15. Well it was the only post in the whole forum that wasn't Google translated/is full of the word "cancer"
  16. <3 <3 <3 nice scripts bots coming :D
  17. I actually heard about ArbiBots, never joined though.
  18. It wasn't a site/forum/anything, it was a set of bots for pbot/rsbuddy, they were "smarter than you".

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  19. You're wrong - it was a forum.
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  20. Nah, it had a forum.
    It was kind of similar to EpicBot where they have their script bot series and the sections dedicated to them.
    (Except ArbiBots had no client at the time.)
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