are any money making methods consistant?

Discussion in 'General' started by caithecool, Sep 8, 2016.

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    so i started botting (gold farming to be more specific) with a single account and decided to see how it went with it, and open up more once i was making some steady cash with that one.

    i trained up my combat, and some other random skills and started to do herbalor, cleaning grimy hearbs. it started out alright, as i was only really training the skill up and only sold them for as much as a brought them for. when it came to actually turning a profit i found that when buying/selling most of the time i couldnt do it for the ge price, this really bumbed things up for me. i either had to wait for the trade to go through, which ment i wasnt making money, (and half the time even after 24 hrs nothing went through) or lower/raise the price which ment i didnt know how much money i was really making.

    so, how do i go about this? should i buy the grimy hearbs for the ge price and wait it out, im not sure if i am being pacient enough.

    if herbalor is a no go for alot of you, then what other botable method is there? i tried hide/logs but the bots i found couldnt use portable sawmills/tanners so that droped the proft/hr down by quite alot.

    ah hell your the experts lol. you tell me

    thanks alot in advance, and im sorry if im just another "I NEED FREE MONEY HOW I MAKE MONEY" thread i just think this is the best place to ask questions.
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    message me on skype: mdawg252 and we can talk, I have a method.
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    The sawmills are definitely not a moneymaker anymore because you get protean planks sometimes... Imo something with alchables will never be bad profit, since those prices will never go lower.

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