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  1. Hello fellow friends. I have been botting with the RuneMate client for a while now and since the new spectre the client has not been re-logging me into the game when I disconnect. For example, if the bot gets stuck, the program will not re log my character into the world. Instead, it will remain on log in screen when I wake up the next morning. I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue or if it has been addressed already. This is just a simple bug or error I discovered when my character is dc'ed. I have never seen the RuneMate Spectre client re log my character into the game since the client update of version 2.0. Thanks, and if you have a similar problem or possibly a solution, please comment below!

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  3. Actually now that you mention it I have noticed this too.

    I have to manually click on "Existing Player" and it will then automatically insert the saved login details
  4. I think it is client side. I also noticed the error when RS automatically does the server disconnect every ~6 hours. I played 6-7 games of CS:Go with my bot running on the other monitor. When the game disconnected at the 6 hour point, the bot was unable to re-log. It probably is an error with the new spectre scripting.
  5. Forwarding the page to @Cloud.
    This is actually very insightful.
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  6. I too noticed that bug i have to restart an instance for the client to log me in to the game again.
  7. Something I would like to add about an observation I had with the client today. My account disconnected from the server while fishing. Instead of opening existing user, the program selected "new user" opening endless tabs of error 404 and account creation pages which I found funny af. Just a possible issue with the login handler that might fix the problem entirely. When I hand selected existing user the program logged me in tho just to add that.

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