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  1. auto loot anything food, ammo, rune, all gear. wilderness drop at multi pk or edge solo. bank if full Inventory for Edge Village. support OSRS and RS3?

    -if stack in ground example Adamant arrow stack in the ground then spam click,
    -Food anything stack spam click in the ground.
    -full global anywhere drop
    -Camera rotation circle to find loot in ground.
    -auto eat food if rat or any monster attack you at 5 hp or 2 hp
    -logic auto logout if any wilderness deep level + your combat level alert, such as mage/melee/ranger level 4+ to attack you, or prefer option off or on, or drag level alert.
    -pickup item {eg. name item} Save item
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  2. Alpha fighter, use regex for looting. Eg: .* and it will loot everything

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  3. oh awesome, i will try that out thank you. is it possible? i can feedback his alpha fighter?

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