Ban Rates - How Safe is RuneMate?

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  1. So, I've recently come from Powerbot (RSBot) to RuneMate as the ban rate on Powerbot is so high, it's impossible to use. I've been alternating skilling accounts to where I bot nearly 24/7 for the past few days, and everything is going great.

    What I made this thread for is to figure out just how many people have been banned, and how much botting they do. If you bot 15+ hours a day on an account and get banned, well that's partially your fault. However if you're being safe by botting in random intervals, changing it up, and taking breaks, how likely are you still to get banned?

    The client has a setting that says the client is "undetectable." I'm wondering just how true this is, as I've seen several players say this is not true. Has anyone done any comparison to the non-detectable and detectable clients to see a difference? Or is it even worth it?

    As of now *knocks on wood*, I have not been banned from botting with RuneMate. However, I'm curious as to see how many people have been banned, and if any safe botters have been banned. Feel free to share your input to help build the test!
  2. As far as I know the client is undetectable, Jagex cannot determine the difference between someone running the RuneMate client and someone using the official client. This does not mean that Jagex cannot detect patterns within scripts bots themselves, among other things which can help them determine if you are a player or a bot. If your account is considered 'suspicious' by too many of Jagex's systems a ban can occur. As a result you should take the following precautions (bold = important):
    • Avoid following a schedule, real players do not follow a schedule exactly.
    • Do not play long hours, Jagex has models for how long a legit player will play, not doing so will make your account look suspicious
    • Avoid scripts bots which develop a recognizable pattern and that do not have a good antiban. You can easily recognize this if the script bot never turns the screen (can help create patterns), the mouse moves in a particular way each time, it does the same actions, spam clicks something even though it can't do anything, etc. Patterns are arguably the most important thing to avoid. This is how my 2200 total main got banned recently, probably in line with a lot of time spent on the game (10 hours a day) and an unstable script bot, don't let this put you off of botting though, because with enough safety involved it is possible to avoid.
    • Joins some clans and chat in the game a bit, this will help you avoid suspicion.
    • Blend in with the crowd, this is really important to help you avoid bans.
    - Switch up what you are botting every other day or so
    - Do quests every once in a while
    - Join a clan
    - Wear quest armour and avoid wearing things that will cause other people to talk to you or suspect you of botting
    • Avoid getting reported, if you blend in with the crowd well enough you can mostly avoid this, but this also leads me to my next point
    • Avoid locations which tend to be populated with bots. I can guarantee that botting at lumbridge cows in F2P will look really suspicious to Jagex, and this can increase your chance to get banned. Also, players will check commonly botted places more and are more likely to suspect and report you.
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  3. I've had 2 accounts banned using the RuneMate client. One using a woodcutting script bot, one using a vial filling script bot. Both obviously highly suspect and both watched. I don't blame the client or the scripts bots, just the activity I was botting. Both were banned within 2 hours on accounts with no botting history.
  4. I think that botting over six hours a day is risking it.
    The most important thing is camouflage; shortly interact with players when starting your bot and some time in between. It's a psychological reassurance that you're there. Try to discuss a common obstacle in the skill.
  5. I've been banned woodcutting in f2p but only because I ran it for 18h straight. If you're smart about it, you'll be safe.
  6. I have a guide on botting safely (or smart rather, nothing is safe) that I would link you to it I weren't on mobile. You can find it in the RuneScape section. I will edit your post and link you when I go on my laptop again. Unless I forget
  7. well one of my accounts just got banned, never botted more than 40 minutes at a time on this one and switched up tasks if I was going logging in for more than an hour.
  8. Started botting on my main at like 1400 total, at almost 2400 total now, never gotten any blackmarks or whatever.
    Don't bot hardcore like a few years ago, those times are (kinda) gone, bot smart lol. Do some quest once in a while, maybe some daily challenges to mix things up. Babysit scripts bots you never used before or if you know they aren't stable.
  9. how many hours a day do u bot?
  10. Yeah that's always a big question. How many hours do you guys bot? I feel that's something everyone should say when they post.
  11. I bot between 2 and 8 hours a day, but always different scripts bots. Don't bot the same thing for longer than 2 hours, is my advice.
  12. Bot, ports & farm run, bot, ports & farm run, bot, etc.
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  13. I am botting 18-22 hours a day non stop since december 17th
  14. 4 to 12 hours a day, 18h+ once in a while.
  15. Dang, that's pretty impressive. Any chance we could see what you're botting? :p
  16. Hes botting "safely" :)
  17. Well I would believe so, but botting 18-22 hours doesn't seem very "safe." I would love to see a bot(s) that has that low of a ban rate for that much playing.
  18. Just thought that I had better throw this out there in case people are worried or wanted to know.

    Just received a 2 day ban (bot busting moderate), botting no more than 4 hours at a time once every few days.

    The scripts bots I was using were MaxiWoodcutter and MaxiFisher.

    I ran MaxiWoodcutter from 1-75 woodcutting. (Ran the script bot from about 65-75 at Catherby yew trees, pretty common bot location). I didn't run the script bot in the last week so I am unsure if you should be worried about using it.

    MaxiFisher from 1-49 fishing. (I hadn't botted this for weeks and I only ran it from 46-49 two days prior to my ban) that was the last I botted. I have a feeling this script bot may have contributed to it, but once again it's up to you to decide.

    I didn't play on the account other than a few hours a week at the most, buying and selling items.

    This account was playing less than 15 hours a week which is less than most bots and even legitimate players.

    I have never botted with any other client or software. It was 100% banned because of the runemate script bot and/or client.

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
  19. You got bot busted mate, unlucky for you a group of players/mods went around looking for bots and while you were gone they spotted you. They probably tried to talk to you and also noted your behavior of probably going to the nearest tree all the time and waiting a certain amount of time.
    Just really unlucky I guess.
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  20. I can say runemate is 100% safe for me atleast rs3, I botted 1 month + 7 accs on 1 ip 10 hours a day and im okey. I dont know about 07 yet.
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