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Discussion in 'RS3' started by pwnzar, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Post your account bans/account warnings here. Posting this thread because i have decided to test this client and the bots out and would like this to be an informative thread for any and all persons looking for the reliability of this product in reference to safety, effectiveness and overall quality.
  2. Banned a while ago.
    Vial Filler
    10+ Year Old Account
    9 HP Skiller

    Currently 145 Hours straight botting on main.
  3. I created a new account on 01/28/14 around 1230am got the client up running, tested out mass fighter, clouds power chopper, and SS Fighter. Used each one of them around 2 hours each taking a 20 minute break in between baby sitting them all the way through. This account was ban around 0730am on 01/28/14. On a Clean IP address and account. The breaks consisted of fully logging the account out and changing worlds, openly chatted with people who were near at anytime during the botting. Ive never been ban on any account on my Ip either. This leads me to believe that the client is detected anyone care to chime in. I was ban while in game using mass fighters cow hides option. User beware. I will be using runemate again on a new account to see whats triggering the bans.
  4. It's most probably the new accounts, for the first 2 weeks or so you need to be really careful and actually spend time on them if you want to have a fair chance of them surviving :/

    Also, it seems like whether or not you skip the tutorial doesn't affect your chances of account survival.
  5. UPDATE: Lost another account this week. had been playing it safe botting 2-3 hours max. switching skills every day. Got the ban hammer using maxi miner. I would say the client is still undetectable, there has been an increase in bot traffic and i was using maxi miner, (2) 4 hour sessions split between 2 days. I had earlier weeks past run combat bot and runecrafting mini game 6 hours a piece no problem. i think the increase in bot activity on the gatherable skills has left us open for the ban hammer big time and increase in player reports. It still baffles me how that account got ban though nothing ever excessive done on it, i feel like maxi miner has all the right features the mouse movements are good, it all looks flawless i just wish i could see the evidence, intrestingly enough they ban my account right as i was redeeming treasure chest keys. If anyone has gotten the ban hammer latley trying to keep an updted log so we can see when and were bans are happening.
    Side note: I even did almost all the f2p quests as well LOL
  6. I dont even understand how you guys manage to get banned... You really need to be special...
  7. Got banned a week ago using houndspan, probably because he kept spam clicking the key token. so yea ur kinda fucked after u get that token since it doesnt drop it for you(the client)
  8. Never been banned, actually you shouldn't run any script bot for more than 6 hours or so, and yeah more people reports , chance of ban increases.
  9. 3 5+ year accounts lost with in hours using certain other clients!
    1 account lost to RM due to just buying bond and botting rock crabs
  10. I haven't been banned once.
    Not on my main and not on any of my level 3 testing accounts.

    I might just be lucky.
  11. Banned while writing scripts bots on my 2200 total main like 1.5 months ago. I think that due to stopping and starting the script bot and the mouse jumps that occurred while debugging made my account look suspicious to Jagex and running a script bot with very little antiban at the time (a nat runner) and also slightly high playing time due to switching between developing and running a script bot didn't help.

    I've been able to recover after 2 accounts got banned, (one hunting polar kebbits using a custom script bot written by me, what a bad idea... and another which got banned unexpectedly after using some smithers in F2P... yes I did switch IPs), and my new main is now about 1200 total after 3 weeks and I've written quite a few scripts bots that I've used on it to level hunter/thieving and hopefully farming soon.
  12. 2467 total no bans.
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  13. Thank you for all the replies guys, keep the thread alive with anymore information all of it is helpful.
  14. 2588 Total after getting 99 divination and maxing with CP Diviniation. Recently came back after a long break and botted about 12 hours a day both leaving it on for 6 hours at a time for the past month or so. I also bot at mostly the same spot for the 12 hours. The only legit thing I do is do my dailies,vis wax, and buying some random stuff from the G.E right after reset time.
  15. 2288 total, on road to 99 rc with Raymond's Nature Altar (Started from 54) Nonstop botting. Only times not botting is doing ports/farm run/gp exchanges
  16. Wait guys, are these accounts banned or? Just to be clear.
  17. Still going strong. I think they really only ban suspicious accounts at high traffic areas like mining and stuff. If you're a high total level with a bunch of quests and stuff, I think you'll be fine.
  18. no they are not
  19. my account that got banned, just got unbanned for some reason, so happy days :D
  20. So i've started to play legit now after my 48h ban but every time i log in it says that macroing is detected and that i've ignored their warnings even tho i've been playing legit ever since i got banned... playing with the official client too is this something that happens to everyone who gets caught botting and gets a second chance?

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