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Discussion in 'Discussions' started by jonopo, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. Well... 8 years botting 3 accounts banned now 4... I dont even want to start playing again :(

    Goodbye 21 - 99 skils
    5 - +96

    Goodbye my love it has been good playng with you for almost 9 years... Nice days passed with you..

    I dont know if i will ever be able to play runescape again :(

    do al the quests.., make all the money more than 8bill in coins and more than 11bil in bank value

    this sucks :(
  2. Why you bot on a good acc lols.
  3. Sorry to hear that buddy :(
    If you ever wanna start over, RuneMate will be your best bet ;)
  4. I agree, if you care for an account to this extent you should not bot on them, specially in this delicate time.
  5. Rest in banhammer.
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  6. I had 2 accounts like this one.. One was banned in Powerbot after 3h of botting.. At least in RuneMate i botted for a month maybe? hehe safer than all the bots.. Does any1 knows if playng ORS have the same ban rate?
  7. From my experience OSRS has waaay higher banrate if you start with a new account.
  8. Rest in peace.
  9. Sorry for your loss.

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