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Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Lyrcon, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Hi

    So i just got banned today, i dont give a Fck about this account but i didnt use any VPN/Proxy,
    I still have a RS07 botting account will the chance be higher now to get that banned too ?
    Idk if jagex flagged my IP. Can anyone tell me what i should do :p ?
  2. Continue like you used to.
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  3. Mhh, i will give it a try, but this RS3 account got banned in a day :(
    I think RS3 at the moment is not do-able at all (or i just got unlucky)
    Maybe spectre will make a change to this lets hope.
  4. You'll know if they flagged your IP usually if you get banned on several accounts in a significantly shorter time than last. (by the way IP flagging isn't as effective as it used to be because of like you said, VPN, proxy, dynamic IP, etc)
  5. Alright good to know, well idk if i am still going to bot RS3 for now, since this account only last 24hours.
    idk if this is normal these days or if i just had no luck.
  6. Keep in mind it's probably safe to assume that RS3 has more "systems" in place to catch botting than OSRS does too. usually if you're banned within 24 hours you gotta take it easy for a bit.
  7. I agree on that, well i have seen people say in the chat that there was a ban wave on RS3 today or last night so i think that is why my account got banned, and i used the bot for maybe 4-5hours with breaks (15-25min)
    I will try my luck again on OSRS and hope my IP is not flagged :p

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