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Discussion in 'OSRS' started by joyerz123, May 10, 2016.

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  1. Hey guys so today i got a 2day ban after botting agility and fishing, its only a 2day ban but imo spectre is no different to the previous client. Again thats my opinion
  2. cool story...
  3. What are you trying to achieve by creating this thread?
  4. How long did you bot per day, fresh account or not? Quests done? Did you suicide it alternate skills, did you do occasional bossing Quests, talk every now and then etc? All needs to be known. Did you use a previous client before spectre. If so probably a delayed ban. How old the account yadiyadiyaaa. With spectre I've had 1 acc ban that was logged off for 20 min out of 14 days suicide.
  5. Opinion vs Fact that spectre is far better, fact wins.
  6. You have to weigh up the possibility that you potentially would have been banned much sooner had you not been using Spectre.

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  7. I botted 42-96 herblore, 70-90 melee stats with spectre no ban, just saying x.x
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  8. yessir.

    Edit: Also this is all on an account that was 48 hr banned not two months ago. Spectre is gold if your getting banned, its from player reports imho.
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  9. I've botted some dank stats with Spectre :3
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  10. I really hope that my agility bot isn't the cause for your ban. My main that I used to create Agility Dawg was banned last week ;( and now I have begun a new account, but updates and bug fixes are impossible to test now. I was thinking about possibly adding an auto responder that could respond to simple questions usually asked by others, like "agility level". Since a person asked me that yesterday whIle running varrock agility course. Hope you don't get permanent ban. Be careful though, because I also got 2 say ban, and then permanent after a week.
  11. Spectre is not only superior to the previous RM client, but also to any other botting clients out there atm.
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  12. I can honestly say, in my exp with botting...

    RM Spectre is genius. So far I've been suiciding 8 bots(3 mining, 3 fishing, 2 pvm) in f2p and we're going six days strong no ban. Your ban is likely from player reports.
  13. A wise man once said "If you have nothing positive to say, then SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND DON'T SPEAK A WORD" take that advice and cherish it kid.

    Not sure why your so salty towards me, maybe your not getting any at home I'm sure you can google a few site to help your release that frustration.

    OT: i've posted it so other users can see its still possible to get banned no matter what client is being used.
  14. The way you started this thread just sounded like you were saying that Spectre is not a good creation. For spectre is not the reason you were detected, but rather the botting. People on this site dont like others blaming Runemate for their bans, first of all it is free, and second it is a use at your own risk.
  15. Na i dont blame anyone, im just pointing out the fact that your not 100% safe even with spectre and that others shouldn't get too comfortable in thinking that they wont be banned
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  16. Well yeah, nobody claims that Spectre makes it impossible to get banned. Common sense still applies. Spectre as a client is safe though, but that's not the only factor taken into account when you get banned, easily profilable or broken bots will still have a decent chance of getting you banned.
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  17. Well, I waited so long for this client to be released and I can say it works very well.
    I botted 1-57 Agility with Stopper's bot and still going.
    PS.: Botting less than 6 hours/day with 60-30 mins breaks every 1 hour, and also doing quests.
  18. Only an idiot would assume you wouldn't be able to get banned. No, the client itself won't get detected but patterns and manual bans will still red pill you. That's common sense, don't shove that on RuneMate.
  19. I suicided botting clay on f2p for 3 days and then got banned for "macroing" (player reports, a mod banned me).
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