OSRS Banned, what can I do to prevent getting banned in future?

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by Frozen, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Hi!

    The account I botted on was focused to be a pure but I botted fletching for 12h+ a day for 2 weeks giving me this:

    After wards I wanted to make some quick money and started running MaxiTanner.
    Been doing MaxiTanner for 3 days.. and bom. BANNED.

    I had around 15m on the account which I was gonna use to buy bonds but oh well.

    What can I do to not get banned so I can continue on a second one in case i'm IP flagged or anything?
  2. You're good, just use another account.
  3. Alright, when should you worry about being IP flagged?
  4. Pretty sure they only IP ban if there are many bans being applied to accounts from that IP frequently. But i do think they 'watch' accounts from your IP if you start getting too many bans.
  5. Slight tip: Only keep small amounts of money on your account if you're betting for prolonged periods of time. I always transfer 75% of my money to an alternate account

  6. 2 weeks of 12+ hours a day of fletching then 3 days of tanning. That screams legit. Common sense will not get you banned next time
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  7. 1. make an acc some time before botting
    2. start off legit
    3. join clans
    4. talk from a time to time
    5. get angry about jagex stupid update once in a while
    6. curse words are neccessary
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  8. 7. A quest a day keeps the ban hammer away
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  9. 8. Hurry up don't be late
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  10. Don't get too greedy lol.
  11. Yeah I usually bot carefully but I just thought I would suicide this account for pure profit but unluckily I got the ban hammer.

    Oh well, I am done with OSRS and gonna jump over to RS3 botting now :p
  12. Don't bot for 12 hours a day.

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