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  1. That's it finally it happened guys! My account got banned, i mostly babysit the bot but idk how it got banned. I used celestial hunter for around 6 hours in which around 2 hours i babysitted it. And the next day i got banned! Warning you guys, i never got banned in any of my account because i bot smartly , i can just assume that the ban rates in RS3 is highly increased. WARNING !
  2. got 99 hunter botting 24/7 for about i week i think so probably have been flagged and set up to banned for a while now imo
  3. got banned using celestial runespan 2 but its 2 day ban
  4. my friend just got perma ban for using celestial runespan, I'm not sure if the client is still safe for now
  5. there been some issues but what game and run tine more info please
  6. my friend was in darkscape botting celetial runespan, and his account is already like 3 yrs with 21 skills 99 in rs3, he just came to darkscape to bot with me and then all in a sudden he got perma-ban. He has uploaded the screenshot on facebook so RIP...
  7. Yea no idea whats wrong but i think jagex is trying to isolate runemate now so be cautious.
  8. The client is safe, its just that They increased their botting detection.
  9. the client is kinda fucked lately. No more accs to bot . All getting banned on osrs
  10. Atm jagex is really going for the kill
  11. yea man, I'm using different proxy on each acc and botting different skills and getting banned.
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    no wonder there's only 370 players online at RM atm.
  12. Where do you get your proxi es?
  13. I'm using that hunter bot on OSRS going on 50+ hours now no ban as of yet. 24/7.
  14. How many accs?
  15. Since everyone is dropping like flies when it comes to bots, im not taking my chance til i know that its "safe".
  16. Babysitting the bot won't do much if it was an automated ban.
  17. correct
  18. Yup, got banned for 48h after botting for a while. Any ideas?
    Btw, the auto-updater doesn't work and it's impossible to end proccess.
  19. Darkscape is unbeatable right to be honest it's hard to get an account doingredients anything sometimes people are banned without even turning a script bot on so that means it is partially the client but yeah some scripts bots are flagging for sure

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