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Discussion in 'RS3' started by dadinho23, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. How is the ban rate in the last days, using free bots.
  2. Let me put it like this.
    I had a maxed 2496 account, botted for 1 hour in a day and got myself 30 divination. I got perm banned.

    I have a new main, botted 8 99's, one 200m*, and around 400m. I have yet to be banned.

    The difference? The old main I used powerbot, this main I use runemate.

    The bans are so minimal it's almost hilarious.

    * the 200m stat was botted with a private script bot.
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  3. I just got banned today for botting approx 60 hours in total; not in one sitting. I only used runemate and I used a variety of different scripts bots from the bot store.
  4. had 1 ban on a F2P account :) started fresh and botted for like 41h's straight :p
  5. I lost 6 accounts last month.. But its all about botting smart. If you want to bot while you sleep, use throwaways.. If you have good stats, bot all day and babysit from time to time. Be smart.
  6. botting 2 mains on rs3 atm one is my first account ever made lvl 94 and the other is a acc i got form a friend its currently 135 2.2k total also botted a lvl 127 10 year old acc no bans on one of em yet
  7. Logged into the client, Banned instantly.
  8. What game mode was it? DS, RS3, OSRS, or DMM?
    Was it a fresh account?
    Had you logged in since the ban wave occurred?
    Did it log-in, black screen then disconnect you, or did you type your login info and it tell you you we're involved in serious rule breaking?
  9. RS3.
    Hadn't logged until after the ban wave, created the character today, played for a bit botted for around 3 mins killing chickens for feathers.
    Got bored and logged out, Logged back in, went to a black screen and back to the login screen. Tried logging in and told me I was banned for serious rule breaking.

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