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  1. Thank you for visiting my thread. I have some basic questions.

    I've set up IntelliJ for RuneMate, and I have set up manifest.xml by right clicking on "Runemate.jar" > New > File > Titled it manifest.xml which automatically associated it to a file type. My problem right now is figuring out what file type to associate to my skeleton and everything else.

    I've programmed before.... visual basic 6. But of course, it was pretty basic. Someone help me?

    How do you get your bot to search for a specific NPC around? I know with objects you use GameObjects.

    Also, when you set the bot to interact with an NPC that brings up a dialogue that requires a response, how do you respond?

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  2. The file type extension for Java source files is .java, but when you create a new class in IntelliJ it handles all that.
    Good old VB6, I remember using that in high school xD
    Most NPC querying and stuff is in the Npcs class, e.g. Npcs.newQuery() and Npcs.getLoaded()

    To interact with dialogues you respond using the ChatDialog class.
    For example, you have 3 options "Option A", "Option B" and "Option C", and you want to select Option B.
    You can do this:
    Code (Text):
    1. ChatDialog.Option option = ChatDialog.getOption("Option B");
    2. if (option != null)
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  3. Sweet, thanks! I'll try it out. Yes, I did Vb6 in High School but that was 3 years ago.

    How can I exit an interface that pops up? The bot I wrote is working but there's a few little things I need to add. Thanks in advance :)

    So many questions.. how do I use Inventory.equip();? It's' asking for "sprites" or something? I don't drink soda.
    I'm trying to equip Bronze Arrows
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  4. It's asking for SpriteItems, which is the type for the items in your inventory, equipment tab etc.

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