Resolved BeastOfBurden#getItems() is broken

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  1. Literally banged my head against the wall for 2 hours, but i am convinced its broken.

    BeastOfBurden#getItems(filter)#size always returns 0 even if the item is within the BoB's inventory;

    Edit: Deepak confirmed that it only works when the interface is open. So i guess it isn't really broken, but

    could you please find the setting/hook that lets you know the item stored in the BoB without opening the

    Bob's Inventory?


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  3. Have you checked varps?
  4. Yup. it's not there unfortunately. Me and @Defeat3d both looked for them :(
  5. Unfortunately the game doesn't store it in memory for a long period of time after it closes (unlike equipment and inventory), and since they use the same system there isn't much I can do about it.
  6. Darn. So there isn't a hook that let's us know what the current items in the BoB inventory are? How do you think I should proceed with checking whether the BoB inventory has the item or not?
  7. In other words, the desired data is stored server-side and is pulled client-side only when the window is open and is unloaded soon after it is closed.
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    Much like a human would: using memory. ;)
  8. I'll write us some sort of monitor for it then. :p Bored atm anyway.
  9. Oh ok. Thanks for the explanation arbiter :)
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    I have found a solution for this. The topic may be closed @Arbiter @Cloud

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