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Discussion in 'OSRS' started by elguerra, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. So I have a level 3 osrs account.
    I've tried doing wc, I'm level 43 but the scripts bots usually stop out of nowhere (glitchy) and I usually disconnect alot (i dont know why, must be the client problem because my internet is solid as a rock and never goes down and the computer is brand new worth 750).
    So I'm basically asking, what should I do for money, considering that I have nothing on bank lol

    EDIT: Im not trashtalking the bot, the scripts bots or the scripwriters at all. Just wanted to share the reason why I created the thread. you guys have been doing an amazing job.
  2. What kind of disconnection are you experiencing?
  3. I start botting, the script bot doesnt even detect trees, I click myself on a tree and after that it usually cuts 2-3 trees and then stops and i get disconnected. Then the bot automatically logs me in but i log out after a certain amount of time because the account has no activity.
  4. So it's a runescape disconnect then?
  5. Yes sir. And then the event handler or w/e logs me right back in. I've been experiencing problems with both wc scripts bots.
  6. @Aidden Would you mind trying to do some debugging with him and find out why your script bot is behaving weird and then letting me know if it's an issue with your script bot or a client problem?
  7. Add me on skype I'll teamview you
  8. Are you running in RS3 or osrs mode? I'm gonna take a guess and say that it's osrs and therefore the most likely cause for this would be the definitions @elguerra @Cloud
  9. Alright then, unfortunately it's not something I can immediately resolve. It will be fixed in the relatively near future however at this moment osrs scripts bots that detect based on data stored in object definitions aren't entirely reliable.
  10. It's ok, I can wait.

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