RS3 Best melee setup that doesn't degrade?

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  1. As the topic states. Needing the best non degrade armor setup to camp for hours upon hours a day.
  2. Bandos with a godsword.
  3. Wouldn't a Saradomin sword be better for training? I mean Godswords are really slow and all..
  4. In eoc we can disregard attack speed tbh, since we can spam abilities.
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  5. Where do you guys bot melee? Wanting to get 40-99, but idk where to do it at.
  6. Bronze. Bronze da best
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  7. Silly EoC
  8. Red Spiders was the best to go back in my day, however i don't know if that place is watched by mods so YMMV. Also your level plays a big part in it, was able to go from 75 attack, strength, defense to 90+ in all 3 in 2 days at about 16 hours a day before a certain site went pretty much offline. Call me brave but I botted significantly longer then any other period of time before.

    Full Bandos, Fury, SGS, with untrimmed Prayer cape.. The 3rd day i was going to go back but after 20 mins I decided to log off because i was testing my luck by that point and had a bad feeling.

    I swear the very next day i go to the forums and all you see is 3 pages of "Got Banned last night".

    I was lucky enough not to get banned and had not used a bot since until i joined this site. That account didnt get banned until recently when i lent it to my little brother so he could play with his friends in college. About a week later the account got banned and apparently one of his friends told him it was a good idea to bot it and just do it..

    Lost a 126 with untrimmed Prayer cape and about 300m over a few fire making levels.

    Only account I've ever lost and to be honest i don't know if it counts or not since it wasn't at my hands.
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  9. Lol, Bandos is the best non-degradable armor out there (I believe)

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