Best Money Making Bot?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Mod Mark, May 30, 2015.

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  1. Hey Runemate users!

    What is your favorite money making bot, and any other suggestions that you have?
  2. so some research about how to make money and the skill levels needed then you can start thinking about which bot to use. if the bot your looking for isn't here at runemate then suggest it to a bot author or buy a private one for some $$$
  3. That literally has nothing to do with my question whatsoever. I asked what people's favorite money making bots are to use, and if they had suggestions.
  4. To be honest, no one is going to tell you their favorite money making bot/method because of obvious reasons. What I suggest you to do is familiarizing yourself with bots offered on RuneMate, and think of an effective way to earn money with them.
  5. People making upwards of 2m/h with pixie fdk.
  6. Well it does , its just a pointless post as many people arnt gonna tell you their best money making method, stop being lazy , and go find a method yourself
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  7. It would probably be the best if you foundd a bot that can best fit your requirements and just go from there, but I use Pixie fdk. It's a frost dragon script bot and I make about 2m/hr.
  8. Hop off my dick. If you're gonna answer an opinionated question, don't be an ass about it.
  9. calm down mod mark wannabe I was just saying stop being a lazy idiot and find your own method
  10. Well, if you want xp & money i would suggest divination :) i made 200k+ per hour :) i used @SlashnHax's Alpha Divination
  11. Fuck off faggot and don't make a dick answer to a simple question.
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  12. whats wrong , why you getting mad because your a lazy twat? someone hasn't had their markdonalds burger today
  13. Cut it out guys. Help the guy out or don't reply at all.
  14. Yup.
  15. Divination. Convert to memory. Makes ~500k/hour ^_^
  16. Don't you trash ur xp/h then? :p isnt it better to use to experience and then make 200k ish per hour :p
  17. Yeah, you get a lot less experience, but hey, the guy asked for a money making method :p.
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  18. True :p I wouldjust train wc and go cut elders with a bot :p xd
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