RS3 Best place to train agility at 80?

Discussion in 'RS3' started by frezen, May 20, 2015.

  1. Hey, I was just wondering what's the best course to train agility at between 80-99.. Is it still Hefin even though the 1-click thing got fixed?
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  2. Hefin with VoS.
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  3. What this guy just said
  4. Now I really understand how you got 1000+ post counts:eek:
  5. whats vos
  6. Voice of Seren.
  7. thx xx
  8. Hefin course, but sadly there is no flawless script bot yet :'(
  9. Yea it is unfortunate
  10. HaxAgility will be fixed eventually, right @SlashnHax?

    Post count makes my dick bigger
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  11. I really hope so, cuz i need them lvls :p 78 now xd
  12. I'd still recommend doing advanced gnome and barbarian courses for Agile top/legs.
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  13. do the gnome village course for the xp waste :)
  14. What this guy just said
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  15. WHY??? do 20h's of RuneSpan training your RC :p and ull get Wicked set :p why need the agile set then? The xp/h difference makes up that time in RuneSpan and ull get RC xp :)
  16. Wicked set is too casual m80.
  17. haha ok then your playing for looks :p ok, that is something we can not argue about ;p
  18. The wicked set pissed me off beyond limits when I bought two sets for placeholders. Those bitches don't stack
  19. Agile set is also lighter than the Wicked set. It might be more annoying to get, but that's exactly why RuneMate's superior bots are available.
    I didn't know 'cause I only have the cape doe:eek:
  20. So I want to get the agile set for Hefin, any other items I should get that would help the process?

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