RS3 Best Thieving Xp/Hr Bot?

Discussion in 'Guides' started by down stream, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. I've tried out all of the available thieving bots and none of the methods I tried were very fast or reliable. I haven't gotten more than 50k xp/hr even at level 80+ thieving.

    If anyone here has used a bot to get 99 thieving, could you direct me to what methods or bots you used? Much appreciated!
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    I just got done reading through a bunch of threads regarding thieving bots. It looks like NPC interactions (across multiple types of bots) are simply too slow to create a thieve bot with worthwhile xp/hr, even if you trap the NPC into a corner for coshing/pickpocketing.
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  2. Yeah the way I did was just to bust it out manually until you can boost to thief the clans in Prifddinas.
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  3. Blackjacking in the thieving guild is good xp 120-150k xp hour or pyramid plunder to 90 then priff elves with boost to 99

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