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  1. What is the best (obviously botting) f2p way to make gp? What methods do you use? Lets share our knowledge :p
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    I'm currently just mining iron to level up the skill to 85 (Runite ore), making ~140k/h of profit.
  2. 140k an hour in f2p is very good tbh. My yew tree cutter gets 70k an hour lol
  3. Yeah, yesterday I skilled Woodcutting just to test how much I could do on Yew Trees. I thought it was more profitable :p
  4. Used to drink wine, 3k a day is about ~250k/hr.
    I also killed chickens which made me 250k using an extremely laggy fighterscript.
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  5. I dont have any fighter that banks :c
  6. Alpha Fighter Banks, just make sure there is no object interaction in between.

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  7. Apparently it's also pretty hard to set up for some people, which I can't reproduce xD
  8. "Settings loaded
    Error "

    EDIT = Still working xD
  9. I must admit, the GUI doesn't speak for itself but it still should be possible to figure things out.
    As for the object interaction, can't you do it so that the user manually makes the path (including interactions) and that the script bot repeats it?

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  10. Do you know a money method to DarkScape? The Flax is only giving ~139k/h (without the time to spin it into Bowstrings)
  11. I plan to make the UI a lot more user friendly in the rewrite.
    Possibly, I guess I could create a custom path that supports it, or I could allow the user to create a custom web. Either way, the object interaction would have to be explicit.
    I'll look further into it, either approach should be possible :)
  12. Mining iron ore, making arrowshafts(with feathers). Tbh, idk. But i guess its a gathering thing.

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  13. Killing men/women for bones.
  14. Killing chickens for feathers is the best method out there!
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  15. Best method to get banned lol
  16. My client dont log in after disconnected for some reason..
  17. whats the point in botting f2p? you can't even transfer the money if there not members and the ban rate is higher.... seems pointless
  18. On F2P, you can focus on mining clay ( suicide botting ).
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    Veteran accounts has no trade limits.
  19. Oh really? I didn't know, thats cool.

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