Dark Best way to make money DarkScape?

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  1. What is currently the best way to make money in Darkscape?

    Since the Grand Exchange is kinda slow etc.

    Anything that can make me 200k+ p/h.
  2. I'd just go easy and collect fish and cook them later. I'm sure food will sell well in a game where everywhere is PvP :)
  3. Yeah. You're probably right. I'll try that. Thank you. :)
  4. No problem, have fun!
  5. water runes at high level runecrafting net me 300-400k/hr
  6. What script bot are you using? I can't get it to work. It just freezes when trying to run Water runes.
  7. Well I've botted thieving and hunter to see if I can make money and nope. This isn't rs3 where everything is needed, a lot of people don't skill so therefore certain skills you train/bot for gp won't sell. Bot a skill that is in demand such as runecraft (runes) woodcut (maybe) mining (maybe) and most definitely fishing.
  8. Runecrafting might work. But there seems to be no bots out there that support DS.
  9. Alpha runecrafting used to work but it isnt working for me anymore
  10. we really need good rc bots to make the runes, or a good fishing pot to fish at guild..
  11. toxxic is selling an air rune botfor 450k DS
  12. Currently have around 15M for sale on DarkScape. The best way to make money on the game changes with each hour that passes. Every small update and change causes a small chaotic market to become even more dynamic, meaning you need to change what you do to have a reliable source of income. The most STAPLE goods are high tier combat items, mainly weapons, food, and nature runes. However natures and food will become a saturated market eventually. Stay dynamic my friend. You'll be successful.
  13. Where can I see the game changes?
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    Also is there any quests to do natures/a bot? I know there are bots that use the abyss but my defence level is only 42
  14. There's no quests needed the abyss is good but if you have a spirit graahk familiar you can Tele faster to the altar. Then use ring of duel/glory to bank n repeat
  15. Are they in different zones? In darkscape you cant teleport from low-mid mid-high and such
  16. You'll be skulled either way so this won't work

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