OSRS Best woodcutting bot that cuts and banks?

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by akib444, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Also one that is free. Which do you guys recommend? Forgive me but I am new here. So if I somehow broke a rule, forgive me.
  2. Maxi Woodcutter
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  3. Lol.

    BTWoodcutter Pro
  4. How do you exactly know what int to put? That's what I'm wondering
  5. What "int" to put? Just walk to the trees you want to cut, then enter how big of a radius you want. If it's a single yew, then "5" is sufficient in both fields. If it's a big patch of ordinary trees, then you may want "15" or even higher.
  6. Nice one guys but we all know Pi Chopper is master.
  7. I tried it at Falador east bank (yews) but it didn't work. It clicked south on the minimap, then changed camera so the camera was viewing south, then clicked south on the ground and north on the minimap, back and forth. I eventually ended up more and more to the east and this went on for a good 40 seconds. Then I turned it off.

    Only tried with Falador yews.
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    Let me make a video of this tbh for the author to troubleshoot.

    Edit: Of fucking course it works perfectly now when I wanna propose it doesn't. Sorry for the false alarm.
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  8. Celestial Woodcutter
  9. Where is it?

  10. Celestial.interact("Piss off");
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  11. Bertrand.ddos(lunix ip)"":
  12. I tried Pi Chopper 1-60 and got banned sometime during it :(
  13. PiChopper, it has some unique places.

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