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Discussion in 'Programming & Hardware' started by GItGudCHris, May 1, 2015.

  1. I will make a computer build for you, if you tell me what you want.

    I am better than Both Lnr30 and this YubiBotter. They have nothing on my computer skillz. So come ask me some questions.
  2. You know nothing, I am best advice man. People do not listen to this guy he bad you see?
  3. Fuck sake not this again.
  4. Me bad? I'm not the one that used to sell their RS account then recover it a week later... Lnr30 only cares for money, not helping other people.
  5. Do you need advice? I can give it to you. Want it?
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    I do not know what you talk of, I give computer advice only, I am computer advice man and you are bad like YubiBotter
  6. Hmm I doubt you are better then YubiBotter and I but you are free to think what ever you want.
  7. I am best computer advice there is on this site, rest are poor attempts to do it unlike me which is best

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