Resolved Black Screen Issue Persists

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Scourge, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. The issue was said to be resolved in the newest client (I just opened it up) and I get click blackscreen flashes when clicking the screen to make it my active window. Not a big deal because I'm going to be playing another game, but a bit annoying when using the client. This happened in fullscreen and resizeable.

    Win 10.
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  2. Please provide reproduction steps. Impossible to do anything without.
  3. Just click on screen
  4. 1. Login to RS3 (What I mainly use)
    2. Click off window to browser (or something else) while game loads
    3. Black screen when click RuneMate again, might flash black a few times
    4. Click password box, flash again, type login, possible flash again
    5. When walking to the location I need to go, black screen when clicking and walking
    6. Black screen in fullscreen and resizable

    - As well, GUIs are not loading correctly, they cannot access a class I believe.
  5. I have and it's showing the game canvas just fine. I need to know which gametype, which operating system, and exactly what you clicked to get it to black screen.
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    Are you referring to the flicker? If so, it's a known side-effect of recent anti-detectability efforts and a pain we'll all have to learn to deal with. I'm concerned with any cases where it stays black. Please describe those situations in more detail.
  6. Flickers I suppose. It only stays black for max of 5 seconds or so. Just happens when I click anywhere on the game screen.
  7. Working great for me, just the quick flicker every now and then when clicking back from another window (lasts maybe half a second at most).

    Windows 7 x64, RS3
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  8. Consecutive game canvas clicks should not have any flicker. However if you go to another application and back to game canvas a flicker is expected. It should last no longer than half a second. Five seconds is worth investigating and I would love to Teamviewer to see what you're seeing. Otherwise please try to describe how to reproduce it for me one more time, because I really am not getting anything longer than half a second.
  9. I'll let you know if I can try to reproduce or anything else after this Smite game! :p
  10. I have been getting long black screens whenever I accidently resize the client window.. which unfortunately happens a lot because if you accidently drag your mouse when you click on the play button it will rersize it
  11. Ah, alright then. Thanks for clarifying.
  12. This is upsetting. I actually use the client for legit play (because it lags less than the official one) like bossing and when the flicker happens it can really mess me up (like missing a voke at vorago or switching prayers at yakamaru). :(

    Also, out of curiosity, could you ELI5 how flickering could aid anti-detectability? Like how does what I see on my screen affect Jagex' client detection systems? Or are these flickers actually micro-disconnects?
  13. If your window focus remains on the game client there are zero flickers. The flicker should only occur while changing focus between applications. As such it should not affect any high intensity gameplay as you likely wouldn't be cycling through applications during this. Not to mention the flicker should last less than a second. If this is not the case for you do tell us how long it lasts.
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  14. When I quest, or do some minigame, I usually use ScapeLog ( It's basically OSbuddy for RS3 with a bit less features.
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  15. Hey Scourge, how did you find ScapeLog and is it safe? Seems the website just has a picture and download link, with nothing whatsoever... Also, ScapeLog at present is broken, is there active development (I'd love to take over / help).

  16. I heard of it from a moderator on Rune-Server. I sometimes afk and use this as it basically a less-feature packed OSBuddy for RS3. Like I said above, I usually use it when I quest or afk easy stuff. I want to say it is not actively worked on, though it has occasional updates. Though, I haven't checked the site lately, the download should work and if not, I'd be happy to provide the jar for you.

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