RS3 Blackjack bot

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by gordon eyerly, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. there already is a bot for black jacking but the bot only black jacks the guys in theiving guild which isnt very good xp the bot dosent run well its around 30k n hr with it the bot,Thats why im asking for someone to create one.The bot would need to do Menaphite Thugs since its the fastest way from 65-95 and the main reason why i would like one made,if the bot is good enough and can produce a around 200k n hr i will pay the writer depending on how good the bot is.
  2. I have been getting 130k xp/hr with the blackjack bot
  3. lol how?!?!?!? could you upload a gif of your bot in use?
  4. Delete you mouse moevement data file, this increases the speed and increases loots per knockout :) i did this, hope it helps
  5. may i ask thieving level?

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