OSRS Blast furnace

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by boy9959, May 14, 2016.

  1. I dont know if their is one or not, but a bot that works on the blast furnace for osrs
  2. yeah im eagerly awaiting this also!
  3. It would be amazing if their was
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  4. By RM Policy it'd have to actually do the skilling bits too. We don't allow leeches really.
  5. How do you even do blast furnace, lol?
  6. It does train smithing mr. party pooper:rolleyes:
  7. You walk past pedals on your way to the luggage thingy. Or you can fix pipes etc.

    Basically it's a huge oven which requires less coal and can make you decent amount of money. I made 400k hr osrs before I got banned. Note that it all depends on your 'teammates', if everyone goes selfish you'll make barely anything.
  8. It does train stats tho
  9. That's not what I meant by leeching.
  10. Ah okay can you explain what you mean please, because this bot would be amazing. I know other sites have a bor for this but I'm loyal to runemate.
  11. I mean the extra skilling options like pedalling and such would need to be fully supported.
  12. Oh right :(
  13. So it wont be made?
  14. Not saying that, just saying it likely wouldn't be the way people would expect it to be! Not sure, maybe not. I'll check with the execs.
  15. As in the bot supports stuff like pedalling, but it's not something you have to do?
  16. Precisely. As I say though, I'll need to get that confirmed.
  17. Any news?
  18. Anymore news party?
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    @Kyler1994 Maybe if they let people make this bot this is something you could do for everyone
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  19. there is a special world for blast furnace in osrs, 383 or something like that, people are doing the side jobs for tips. just like gilded altars in a house, u can leech on that shit, or be so kind to make a donation to the person that hosts the gilded altar. i dont see a reason why Gilded altar bots are allowed and blast furnace cant be allowed
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  20. Yeah, we need at least leeching one :D

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