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  1. Hi Runemate members,

    I started @ runemate last year on my low level ironman, and within 2 months of 3 months of 24/7 botting i had a suuuuper nice ironman and i was probably 2 weeks away from getting into prif. sadly i lost the acc when the client got detected.

    I made another ironman about a month back and it lasted around a month but sadly i lost it due to being an idiot and trying powerbot.

    i made a new main last week and botted 24/7 for a week but sadly got a 48h i belive from botting div and getting alot of reports. i wanted to bot 24/7 till death and show you what i could achieve from runemate.

    So really im so de-motivated to start another account, it feels like starting my bots is becoming a chore then for fun, because realistaclly im botitng for nothing.

    I would like to have a reason to bot, whether its making accounts for scripters with their needed requirements or something to help runemate grow. I would like to script bot but i dont know how, so i would like to offer some sort of help to the runemate community.
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  2. Test my bots!! :D Abyss Runecrafting Dawg, Hunting Dawg
    Both now support Rs3 and Osrs, but i need testers for proof!
    This would be extremely helpful! And you have already helped me a ton with my Runespan Dawg bot :D
  3. My acc with 62 hunter got unbanned last night, so i will test your hunter bot overnight and try get proggys if its flawless :p (RS3)
  4. Be careful! All night is dangerous. What you gonna test it on?
  5. Grey Chins, and i will start it when i get home from work and so give me like 6 hours before i go to bed, so if its till running before i go to bed, i will leave it on overnight, if not, i will tell you what has gone wrong :p
  6. If you want to make bots, you can look at the open source bots in the bot store or check the forums. There's a whole section of the forums made to help you learn: Tutorials & Resources :)
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  7. You're crazy lol. But first make sure it isn't going crazy and gonna get you banned .
  8. Testing bots and lending accounts to bot authors for bot development m8.
  9. Ever wanna hit me with a f2p account or need a bond I've got 8mil worth on my 100% bottled account on osrs. And still going strong! But I'm always looking for new accounts cuz I only have one right now at risk of being banned.
  10. That is what i want to do :) but i need some requests on what people want, so far i will be testing wesomes hunter bot until i get some nice proggys for him and then ill got to runespan and get runecrafting to test the runecrafting bot.I guess ive already achieved what i wanted, thatll keep me busy for another week :p
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    i got 99 hunter pre specte in a week 24/7 with celestial hunter, you just get reported fuck loads but idc its already got a 48h ban so ill suicide it :)
  11. yo @Dylan Turner turner create accounts 4 me
    i can give u about 4b-5b a month
    depending on how many accs you can create 4 me in a month
  12. anyone got a spare account I can play on (don't care if its shitty), my main got banned recently :((

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