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  1. i like to watch YouTube videos when i bot like

    Horror story's
    let me clear it up this isn't a advertisement of any sort its just time wasting channels if you don't got nothing better to do.
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  2. I watch Will Miss It, can confirm his vids are entertaining
  3. i hate when i spell something wrong lol give me a break tho lol its [​IMG] in the morning lol XD i put clue instead of clear lol
  4. My favourite YouTubers:
    1. Alkan
    2. FatNooblet
    3. Jim Sauce
    4. munclesonkey
    5. Will Miss It
    6. Daan
    7. Crunchie
    8. Dragonseance & bart4runescape (they rarely ever upload lol)
  5. I study or watch youtube or photoshop :)
  6. What, are you studying for next year? Everyone is now done w/ exams lol
  7. lol no in general :p like study abit of programming via Lynda/Youtube
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  8. kristian i might contact you via pming you think you could help me with some coding later though not tonight :p
  9. I think it would be smarter to contact someone like @NastyNate , @SlashnHax or @Aidden :) they are waaaaaay better then what i ever can become ;)
  10. you never know :p
  11. I usually watch b0aty or is my str 0 streams, or fifa streams
  12. Thanks for letting me look up "IsMyStr0RS".
    I really did not know that guy :D i love to meet new Rstubers
  13. he is one of the older rs players :)
  14. Like in old in the time he has been playing RS or older in IRL age? :)
  15. RS, he looks like 22 or so, he streams daily :)
  16. i have been playing rs since 2003 :p
  17. holy cow
    ive been playing since 2007
  18. I even played Devious mud, but not that long :p i started playing when i was like ... 7yrs old :p now i am 23 xd
  19. same here lol
  20. 22 is old? :(

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