Bot banned, overview of recent 12 days.

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  1. I woke up this morning to find out two of my bots were banned, the other accounts I have been using and botting on are currently fine, I'm going to write a couple lists comparing the activities that were done between the accounts.

    Bot 1 (Main bot - occasional legit play)
    2 Quests done on this account. multiple more started
    Skills botted; fletching, mining, smithing, woodcutting, prayer (collecting and burying bones); combat (killing chickens +loot feathers) and fishing (power fishing)
    Skills legit; Some combat (also at chickens), range (on chickens), magic
    Average play time; 4-5 hours at a time.
    Account age: Years, was opened pre RS3 and email login (Uses a username to login)
    Notable activities done on this account: Constantly buying and selling on the GE (even botted items), using money to buy more items for leveling other skills (e.g. runecrafting, crafting, fletching); buying gear, changed training skills constantly (sometimes two entirely different things within a day, mixing between botting + legit). has not spoken to anyone in the last 12 days, has visited multiple zones (lumbridge, varrock, falador, taverly), uses teleports to get around, occasionally completes randoms (will do them wrong occasionally as well)

    Bot 2 and 3 (Banned, minimal legit play)
    No quests done, two started
    Skills botted; Mining, prayer (collecting and burying bones); combat (killing chickens +loot feathers)
    Skills legit; Magic
    Average play time: 5-6 hours at a time.
    Account age: Years, made at start of email login eta
    Notable activities done on this account: Never done a random event, have no bought gear, no friends on friends list, have not spoken to anyone in the last 12 days, visits zones (alkaharid, varrock, lumbridge), usually works on same skill multiple times in a row. No legit play.

    Thought this could be useful to some people in avoiding their accounts getting banned.
  2. I don't understand Jagex... I literally botted 120 Fletching just recently. Completely botted, but my main got banned which was almost maxed with mostly legit play.
  3. One thing I am curious about is how do you have a record of 12 days botting when you joined runemate yesterday...?
  4. Im pretty sure the reason behind all the recent botting bans from Jagex is that they started flagging and heavly monitoring IPs linked to banned accounts.

    I literally couldn't last a few hours botting, no matter what bot it was with my flagged IP.

    I turned a proxy on and I've got 85 fishing on two accounts in the last week with no bans
  5. lurker, or he registered on RM with a stupid name on his first account and decided to make an account with a more sensible name

    I do that all the time, on random websites I'll register with a disposable email and a username like penis6969 (so that if the website is hacked, the hacker can't compromise my other accounts), and then if I decide to stay I'll register with an actual name.
  6. you have to register to use the bot though.
  7. Right
  8. Jagex logic.
  9. @Aria - You're 100% correct.

    @blisterz - That's entirely likely, makes it easier to ban future bots as they could be linked to RWT and such.

    Update on current main bot: Did some quests recently, haven't been as active on the account, assuming there could be some heat on the account being the same IP as the others. Botted some flax into bowstrings, bot didn't seem very good, only did a few thousand and logged off.

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