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Do you reckon Reflection is detctable?

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  1. Hello, I've been pretty curious why everyone states different things about 'how jagex detects bots'.
    I'm only looking for answers from Botdevelopers. @Cloud @Aidden

    1. You guys know theres multiple runescape botting websites, and everyone of them claims different things.
    For example, a premium scripter at a popular botting website said this: [​IMG]

    2. Heres a premium scripter at another very popular botting website:

    Thoughts? Arguments?
  2. Why would bot developers know any more about how Jagex detects bots? We can speculate and test but we will never know for sure.
  3. Botting is detectable in one way or another, but it depends if Jagex have found those ways. I'd say the runemate client is undetected.
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  4. This thread is pointless.
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  5. I mean, I could make a color script bot and then say that color botting is detected when I get banned.
    Behavioral analysis will detect bots no matter which client they use, plain and simple.
    Sites will use whatever they can to defend themselves. "Injection is detectable, but you can disable the detection via injection", "Reflection is detectable cause I got banned using a detection client".
    Personally, I believe that they don't rely on a single method, they use multiple methods and once the uncertainty is above a threshold they investigate it or issue bans.
    Client detection does get used though, but it usually only works when the developers slip up, like that one time that Powerbot got detected and everybody using it within that time frame got banned lel
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  6. I recall you telling me you know exactly what Jagex bans for. In case you don't remember, this is what you told me when I made a list of things that keep you safe from getting banned:
    Arbiter has explained you very well how he believes bot detection is done. He has worked together with the person who built Jagex's bot detection system, which leads me to believe that - if anyone - he should know best. Besides, these bot author guys you're quoting seem pretty clueless. "Mouse speed plays a factor" is basically one very small aspect of the theory Arbiter presented. Client detection and detecting the method of input are so obvious that it's not even worth mentioning. I think tests like me being able to bot daily for over a year on the same account proof that the RuneMate client is not detected, nor is the method of input RuneMate uses.

    You're not getting a better answer than that anywhere.
  7. What I'm trying to say I guess is that both of the people you quoted are wrong, or at least the way you presented their opinions is.
    Person 1:
    Mouse speed may be a factor? There's a big debate about this, and someone ran a few tests using mouse hopping and normal mouse movements and their results showed no difference. If client detection was the "main way", you'd be seeing way more people banned, similar to the powerbot incident last year. It's definitely a good way, but it relies on the developers fucking up.
    Person 2:
    He bots from the start so the pattern is the same? Is he taking into account that they don't only look for changes in patterns, but inhuman patterns such as consistently doing the same thing the same way (dialogues, keybinds etc.) or non-human randomness (bullseye comparison)? Just because they are using Reflection doesn't mean that any ban they get is due to it, that's just them passing the buck to something I doubt they even understand.

    If what @EvilCabbage said above is true, and you claim to know how Jagex ban accounts then I'm pretty sure you're trolling.
    Feel free to spill the names of the people you quoted, tbh I'm not convinced they're anybody noteworthy.
  8. Well click the link in the post and see for yourself. It's on the first page :) And I agree with SlashnHax, the people you quote seem pretty clueless - are you sure you're not quoting some WYD?
  9. Since Jagex doesn't release any information, we can't know for sure. Honestly, the only way we will know if the client is detectable is if there is a mass ban of Runemate botters.
  10. This :p
    There is not a way to make botting safe.
    Don't want to risk your account? then waist the 1 life you have on this game.
  11. I bot rs and I don't even like mmorpg's honestly.
  12. I only play rs and fifa ^_^ I feel ya brah
  13. If i could I would also bot fifa

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  18. The reason each bot client says different things is because no one really knows. Basically the runescape client sends a ton of data to the runescape servers while you play so we dont exactly know what is causing bans. Basically runemate accounts for this by doing everything from human based mouses, variable api's for each player, java agents and reflection.
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  19. This is basically all we can confirm. They collect massive amounts of data and beyond that all we can do is guess. We assume that they look for patterns in this data over extended periods of time and across accounts and once patterns are detected they are able to tell that it's a bot. We do as much as we can to prevent these patterns from developing over extended play sessions and between accounts, but bot authors need to do the same to make what we do most effective.

    @frazboyz - We don't use a java agent.
  20. @Cloud i was just assuming :p

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