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Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by Andywrecks, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. I am new to this forum however have Java experience and would like to know what you guys think the most appropriate approach to my problem is.

    I need a way to detect when the RuneMate client has fully loaded via an external java application (By fully loaded I mean the Runescape login screen is being displayed) for my bot automation program (Saves me manually taking care of multiple bots)
  2. There is no easy built in way to check this AFAIK. The way I used to do it in C# is either through checking memory usage and consider the process to be "loaded" once usage is somewhat stable or get it's outputstream and read from that until a certain word/line is found.
  3. If you wanna be fancy, inject runemate with a callback to your program to allow you to know when it is doing what you need it todo, and even if you take the injection approach you can load the script bot with no interaction with the client. There are a few checks that Runemate does tho so if you go this route good luck my friend.
  4. This will definitely get your account and IP permanently banned from RuneMate if we manage to catch you with any of our traps. Highly discouraged. @red himself has gotten banned over 20 times by them, but since he was helping us test the detection methods we reverted the bans.
  5. @Arbiter so i'm allowed to read memory just not inject DLL's?
  6. If you are using a custom bot in SDK mode you can have the bot itself communicate with your separate application. Besides that no other communication with the client is allowed and we reserve the right to deny our services when such attempts are detected.

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  7. The restrictions are for the safety of our users. There's no benefit to us. But in other news, remote access and automation is in the roadmap for RuneMate.

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  8. Kinda forgot it wasnt allowed. Sorry bruh
  9. I dont understand why you'd need to do all that? Runemate has quickstart parameters that allows you to run a script bot when runemate is fully loaded...

    And once script bot is running, have it connect to ur server, BAM now u know the client is loaded.

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