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should runemate do what osbuddy did. Everything free

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. hi im new to this community as you can see....

    to have every runerscaper who bots join this community you would have to make this like osbuddy did back in the day where everything was free and everything wasnt broken and also ban free scripts bots i think rm would be back in buisness if you guys made everything free and still have to options of donating im sure if rm did this you could have weekly events for forum donators like rs3 cash or items bonds ect just an idea but it would be really cool to see rm come back and take over the botting community
  2. Its already like this? Everything is free.
  3. Leeching on whole 'nother level.
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  4. What the hell??

    Yea man I wish speeding would be allowed I keep getting tickets man but I think it's unfair even though I took the risk of violating the law.
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  5. Everything already is free stooooooooooooooooooopid.
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  6. I agree that botting with runemate is wayyy too expensive.
    I mean come on, $1 for supporter rank is quite a bit.
    Also the premium bots which have been reviewed intensively and have been put a ton of effort in cost a ridiculous amount of cents.
    @Arbiter @Cloud stop sucking the money out of our pockets and give something back to the communtiy!
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  7. oh man a whole dollar per month is breaking the bank holy shit no make it stop pls... Kappa
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  8. "osbuddy did back in the day"
    Wow dude, you could at least use the name it had back when it was a botting client xD

    I kind of feel sorry for you dude, you seem like a kid who had what he thought was a good idea but didn't stop to think about what it looks like from the other side of the fence before posting, and now you've copped the backlash for it xD

    The vast majority of bots here are free. The ones that are Premium cost literal cents per hour. Supporter rank only increases our maximum amount of parallel client instances, and gives you a pink PIP, and serves as a good barrier against goldfarming leeches.

    Forum events are a good idea for an active community, but if you don't have a large enough participating userbase or incorrectly gauge your userbase, they basically either fail or just end up sub-par. At the same time, without these things there's not much reason to be active on the forums as a user except for bot related stuff, so it's a bit of a cycle...
  9. I envy your ability to resist the urge of making a sarcastic comment
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  10. Hah, I love the mindfuck on that reply.
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  11. xD
  12. Took like 2 whole minutes to get this sentence right :p
  13. Lmao just claiming post count here
  14. lol nice mod
  15. Oh come on. 99% of RuneMate is already completely free unless you're a hardcore gold farmer. Arbiter is barely cutting even on the odd months that he does and this guy wants that last 1% to be free as well. No way I can take that serious.
  16. Give this man likes.
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  17. This guy gets it :p
  18. all i was trying to say was if you guys put all your paid scripts bots free for around 2-3 months as an example and player base starts noticing it im sure alot of players will jump to runemate from the other communities and then start placing prices on scripts bots instead of 0.5 cents an hour in one day thats around 1$ if using for 20 hours and if you use it for 30 days its 30$ so if you make it completely free and then start charging when higher traffic comes in im sure run mate will be on top of alot of donations for atleast 4-6 months at first and thats what this community needs
  19. There are so called "trials" or "lite" versions. You can always ask a dev to have a week of trial or something.

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