RS3 botmagic's 300m a day goal

Discussion in 'Goals' started by botmagic, Jun 9, 2015.

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  1. I use private scripts bots,multiple high-end servers to run my bots.I will update this post every week.

    Current bots running: 16

    100m/day achieved 2015.06.09

    2015.06.09 RS3 has been fixed.I was able to start all of them.I have to buy more RAM to be able to run 10+ bots on each server.

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  2. Highly optimised compared to what?
  3. Good luck!
    Quick question - are you using Runemate client and using a self-written bot or are you using an entirely self-made client?
  4. I use Runemate that's why i have to buy more RAM :D

    compared to the public scripts
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  5. You have a lot of IP's mate. Just letting you know that you can only have one account on RuneMate - not multiple.

    If you want to buy more instances contact @Arbiter.
  6. Pls sher with me ur epek coden skillz m9.
  7. It's not the way the script bot is written.
  8. Directly contradictory. You're not really doing your credibility any favours.
  9. The resource usage of the public bots varies, but it seems like you've taken out that bit.

    Also you said something about at 300m donating to the team that wrote the scripts bots, but now you're saying that you yourself write them... Slightly confused.
  10. I wrote private scripts bots using runemate's api.Hope it is understandable.
  11. You claimed a 50% cpu usage decrease and made it sound like you got others to write it for you, now you've changed that? xD
  12. You're drunk budd
  13. Not even, m8
  14. Dang, good job.
    I'm thinking up of setting up my own farm, any tips for a first timer?
  15. start small and use private scripts bots.test the ban rate of your scripts bots first and if you're good then expand.
  16. @botmagic I wanna be a great coder just like you do you have any tips to give to a youngster like me?
  17. learn the basics first and go to the gym every second day because it really fucks up your health
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  18. Thank you master.
  19. Very soon(tm)
  20. You're welcome son
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