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  1. I have tried multiple bots and all of them don't do anything. I downloaded and installed the latest java and jre. please help
  2. Did you use the installer, or the standalone .jar ?
  3. Sorry to keep you waiting Microsoft but we got it solved, thanks though:D
  4. What did you do to resolve it?
  5. Just had some weird problems with where my jagexcache files were located. All I did was put all of them in one folder and it worked
  6. im having the same issue. i load the bot and it does nothing. just says opening bank and he just stands there. can i have some help? i put money into my account and became a supporter thinking that may help. but nothing.
  7. @jay_tiare, are you using the installed client or the .jar client? Also, do you get an error message like "The cache file 'C:\Users\username\jagexcache\runescape\LIVE\main_file_cache.dat2 must exist'"? Like above, if your cache file from the RS client isn't in the right location, the bots won't work. You can try removing all the Jagex clients and deleting their cache folders so they are recreated or if you get an error, try to locate and copy the file the error points to.
  8. i dont get any error messages. i do have the regular runescape client on my computer. could that be a thing? and i dont know how to tell if im using the .jar or not
  9. The regular RS client could have downloaded the cache files to the wrong spot. You can uninstall it and delete any old cache folders (locations like "C:\.jagex_cache_32", "C:\Users\username\.jagex_cache_32", "C:\Users\username\jagexcache", and any jagex files in "C:\Users\username"). Then launch the the RuneMate client and it should download everything again. You will have to do the video settings setup again.

    If you have the .jar version (the standalone) make a text file and paste: java -jar -Xmx1024m RuneMate.jar
    into it. Save the file into the same folder the runemate.jar file is located. Rename the file to runemate.bat (you might need to show file extensions in Windows to change it from .txt to .bat). Then double click it to launch RM. This will show a command prompt output so you can see errors and warnings.
  10. i understood 0 of that second paragraph lmao....
  11. I attached a text version of the file. Rename it to runemate.bat and save it to the same folder as your runemate client. Double click it and you should get the black command box like below.

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  12. i cant even find where the runemate client is located. i can barely operate windows 10 lol
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    alright. after deleting everything runescape i got the bots to KINDA work. but theyre not doing what they suppose to do. alpha abyss runecrafting works almost fine but it doesnt teleport from the mage. it just attacks the skeletons. and the other runecrafting abyss i have just keeps filling the bags. could i be that thing?
  13. The .bat file only makes the client manage the RAM usage better and shows a debug window, it won't mess with the bot's operations. I haven't used a runecrafting bot so I can't help on them. If you post in the discussion tab on the bot's information page, people who use it can help you further. At least you made progress, good luck!
  14. thank you =)

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