Bug Bots won't work, when starting second instance

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Bubble, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Hello, since the release of Spectre, I haven't been able to run multiple bots. Whenever I start a second instance, then both bots will freeze and do nothing, however when I only have 1 instance up, then it works amazing and really smooth.
    Does anyone know or have an idea of what the issue could be?
  2. same issue here
  3. Is this for all bots, or only a select few?
    It could be due to authors using static variables where they shouldn't have, which was easy to get away with on v1, but will cause issues with Spectre.
  4. Are you opening 2 separate instances of Spectre, or are you opening 2 RS instances in the same client?
  5. That'd be a good way to debug it. If it's due to static variables, one instance per Spectre shouldn't cause any issues, but multiple instances per Spectre will.
  6. I open runemate spectre, open 1 rs3 client, add instance - setup a bot for that client, then open a second rs3 client, add instance - set up a bot for that one aaand
    They both stop working...
    So yeah ive only figured out how to bot with 1 acc aswell. Doesnt matter if i use 2 different bots or thesame one, as soon as the second one starts they start malfunctioning.
  7. Sorry your description is a little unclear so please clarify - did you try opening two separate SPECTRE clients?

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  8. Also does it still do that if you open one RS3 + one OSRS

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  9. same issue. We need a fix
  10. Na, same issue as him. 3/4 was dif... I cant seem to run three scripits of celestial fisher. Makes them others crash.
  11. It has happened with all the bots I've been using so far - If you have been running multiple bots, could you then tell me the name of the bot, and then I could see if it happens again?
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    I am not able to open more RuneMate clients, I only can have one open, if I try to add another, nothing will happen.
  12. @SlashnHax i see it occuring esp with "celestial fishing" bot
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  13. I open 1 rune spectre then run sudo fish once that's up and running I then add anther instance with the Add Instance button in the rune spectre , I then try to run sudo fish or celestrial fish and all the bots do is stand there, try splitting the bot on split screen, nothing
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  14. Exactly this. Esp. Celestial fisher
  15. I haven't been using Celestial fisher yet, so it's not that bot that bugs out for me
  16. I spoke to @Savior bout it along with someone
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    & he mentioned something on his forums, i cant cooy and paste it but yeah
  17. As I said since spectre I have not thought about what happens with multiple instances, but with the next release everything should be working fine.
  18. Theres the answer. Atleast regarding his bot.
  19. I'm having this problem as well. I only use the celestial div and celestial fishing bots at the moment because they're the only ones I need . So I'm not sure if it's exclusive to celestial products.

    Same as them though. I only have one Instance of Spectre running and add multiple botting instances inside of the one instance of Spectre.

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