Botting and losers.... Good spots?

Discussion in 'General' started by stankie18, Jan 31, 2016.

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  1. Well I bot... obviously and I only bot combat (Strength, Defense, Attack)
    It frustrates me to come back and check on my bot and see people calling me out that I'm botting..... Like how does me training my stats affect you in anyway? I once came to check up on my bot in strong hold of security, scrolled up and saw that two people said they reported me. One of them was there and I confronted him and he even admitted that he botted occasionally..... I believe most people who report me are botters themselves and they are less than scum for reporting me for something they do as well... I had a nice spot in strong hold of security (not where guys reported me) but I left because the bot would keep going in the gate of war and getting stuck. Therefore, I moved to a new location, but still see people asking my bot questions when I check on my bot.
    side note: was getting around 40k ex/hr with minotaurs at stronghold of security, getting around 33k/hr where I'm at now, but its close to a bank and very convenient although it has high traffic.
  2. Just go to Yaks, I never get accused. I accuse other people to make it look like I am not botting.
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  3. And here's the hypocrite.
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  4. o

    You don't know what a hypocrite is, a hypocrite is saying one thing and then turning your back and said another. I don't remember saying that saying to people that they are botting is bad. It's a good method to keep your self from not being banned, makes more sense for a fellow botter to do it than some random.
  5. @WYD would be proud.
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  6. Play legit for 15 mins every hour and talk to the people around you, then just say you are going into clan chat or turning public off to afk a movie. Be your own anti-ban.
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  7. Why do you expect NOT to be called out in a place like Stronghold of security? seriously..

    Be creative and inventive and find new locations/rarely used ones and this will negate the trouble of babysitting and praying that you never get KB'D.
  8. I was f2p at the time and only babysat out of boredom. That acc got permed but I recovered and have a new main.
  9. Ahh the old days of SoS reports, it's not as bad as experiments and rock crabs as they were (and could still be) being the highest ban-rated area in OS :c
  10. Going to close this up as the thread is now over 3 months old - discussions like this should really be kept fresh and relevant :)
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