Botting Maxed Melee F2P RS

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Will I succeed?

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  1. Lol

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  2. Nah bro, you suck

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  3. Yeah dood, I believe in you

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  4. Obama's fault

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  1. My current stats as of 4/6/2016 (These are 100% botted using Runemates Mass Fighter script bot by Ozzy):

    4/9/2016 -

    April 4/16/2016 -

    Banned. Final stats: 77 str, 70 attack, 70 defence.

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  2. I give you till about ~70-80 in combat stats till a ban rolls in
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  3. Good Luck, I hope you make it :D
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  4. I'm almost 70-70-70 and i haven't been banned keep at it homie btw find a better place to bot flesh crawlers are not the best
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  5. Probably. I only bot for shits and giggles. Just something to help pass the time.
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    Any suggestions? Don't really know the best places to train in F2P. Nice 70/70/70, I've noticed I get banned a lot less training combat than I do skills like fishing, mining, etc.
  6. how long were you botting each day. or was it a suicide run botting. finally you should try this now with the new client!

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