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Release the method?

  1. Yes for the public

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  2. Yes for members with requirements

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  3. No (post reasons)

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  1. I currently have a method that makes 3m/hr and is relatively unknown. Should I make this method public and release a guide for it for the most efficient method or should I give it to certain members with the requirements or scripters? This method only allows 1 player per world and has somewhat high requirements. Because it only allows one player per world, I'd rather not release it publicly as it might crowd the worlds and increase ban chance as Jagex becomes more aware. In the past 2 weeks or so I've made about 300m, while botting 1-85 div in the off time.

    I'm currently done using this method as I have found a comparable method with a lot higher requirements and therefore less ban chance. I will not be releasing the second method as most of you probably won't be able to do it anyways and I'm not trying to get banned.

    Post your reasons why.

    99 Magic
    92 Prayer pref 95 for my rates
    30m for supplies (one time only)
    60/90 Dungeoneering with Bonecrusher and one of the prayer neckaces.
    Massfighter (pref)
  2. so its collecting the divination wisps etc etc no biggie
  3. I'm actually quite interested.
  4. It's obviously a combat script bot, not a divination script bot. Read the post more closely.
  5. my bad just realised he said 1-85div in off time
  6. If you release it to the general public, the method's money per hour would substantially decrease rather quick.
    You could share/sell it to to a script bot author, and you could both potentially make money.
  7. I have all the requirements, but I haven't really found a way to make that much money. :p
  8. The method isn't that unknown, but to get the really high rates, you need to be doing my method.
  9. All I can think of is Rorarii but it's only like 1/2 m/hour and you don't need bonecrusher + necklace for that.
  10. Listen if you have a good method either release it or don't, just stop boasting
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  11. I don't really like Roarri. You have to bank every few hours don't you? Since your inventory gets full?
  12. inb4 pay for release
  13. Its killing gargoyles, makes 3m/hr with less hassle.
  14. I won't be asking for money as I can make it myself. I just wanted to give back to the community.
  15. My guess it's dark beasts, since they drop a lot of gp and noted herbs. They drop big bones hence bonecrusher and prayer restore amulet.
    They attack with mage so having a high magic level provides more defence against this.
    For supplies... Probably full arma with demon slayer crossbows, or even a royal crossbow.

    Or maaaybe ganodermic beasts since their seeds are also stackable and they drop bones as well.
    They're weak to mage hence you need a high magic level for defence and high level fire spells...
  16. I'm actually kind of eager to find out what it is.
    Here I have made a carefully calculated and hypothesized data graph which explains the cause and effect relationship occuring here.
  17. I think I know what this is. I don't mean to spoil the goods but even without botting it's a pretty good way to make money.
  18. to be honest, we are botters and farmers, we don't deserve help from each other cause at the end we are just avoiding rules to be more powerfull on a game or to make moneys
  19. We don't deserve help from each other? Why do you think we bot authors put our bots on the bot store? We could keep them for ourselves, if we want, and take them down from the bot store.
    Botting is neither immoral nor worthy of deploration, in my opinion. Most of us here are morally sound. We're helping each other all the time not because we gain from the act, but because we simply like helping others.
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  20. This thread is so fucking unnecessary. If you've got something to share, share it or just fuck off. Don't saunter around flaunting how bloody brilliant your ideas are if you're not willing to elaborate about them.

    All of the bot authors share tens or even hundreds of hours of their work with the community for FREE. People ought to bear that in mind before acting like total fucking douche-canoes.

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