RS3 botting near max acc

Discussion in 'RS3' started by unexist, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. Gonna bot my nearly maxed account 4 skills to go cuz im to lazy to play
    so if i change my ip ( since i logged into an older acc that had been banned for 2 days a couple of months ago) delete cache
    bot like not to many hours and babysit most of the time
    would it be possible ot not ?
    anyone else botted on high total lvl mains ? :D
    still need mining divination smithing and agility

    pls no ban
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  2. I suggest you to leave div for now. Was botting 4 accounts no ban for 2 months. I came from holidays 2 days ago, botted for about 9 hours over night, bam 3 of 4 acc's 48h ban :)
  3. where those like low lvl trow aways or good accs ?
  4. Probally was just some goldfarming accounts, but if you play for like 4-6 hours a day with empty world, you should be fine. ;)
  5. I bot my main with the breakhandler enabled on Divination & i'm fine.
  6. I've been botting the same low level goldfarming account for a long time now (3 months(?)) mixing it up doing some slayer, crafting etc legit. Still no ban and it's still going strong.
  7. I got on 6 div accs, only 4 of them got a 48h ban, a week with no breaks, total of 168h :D depends on luck bud
  8. u got a nice main there man i think im just gonna risk it :p but im scared when i get to phat the banhammer wil come :p
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  9. Eh I won't be too sad when the ban hammer comes. It's just a game.
  10. i think i might get 48 hr ban since i only got like a macro minor in 2008 and dident realy play the acc since 2011 meter is all the way in green like a fresh account
  11. There's a low chance for 48h tho
  12. they insta give permas now ?

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