Botting two accounts on two different IPs?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I was wondering if it is possible to bot on two accounts. One account on my home IP and the other account on a different IP but botting at the same time.

    The reason for this is as I want to bot the different IP account much more than the main account. I'd obviously have to run two bots at once but will it work if one has a different IP to the other?

    Also will I have to create the different IP account on a different IP and will it have to be the same IP as to the IP I will be botting on it?

    Can someone please help me out.

    Thanks! :)

    EDIT: I am willing to buy premium/supporter if my idea will work.
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  2. You only get one bot as a normal member.

    Yes it is possible. Using a Virtual Machine with a VPN on it.
  3. Removed the prefix for you
  4. Thanks.

    And I know that normal users can only bot one account and on one IP. However, I was wondering if my idea would work and does using a proxy through RuneMate increase the chance of getting banned due to other people maybe also using that same proxy?

    I would buy supporter/premium if the idea would work.
  5. Yes, I don't trust proxies because theres almost no way to prove that they're private.
  6. So what do you think I should do? I have no experience with VMs and VPNs so it would be a total first. I'd need some help also :(
  7. I'd just bot it on the same IP tbh. As for a VM they're relatively easy to set up since all you need to run RS is 64bit java 8
  8. Is there any certain guide to which you can link me to that I can follow to use a VM? I basically just wanna run something on a diff IP which no one else uses. D:
  9. Honestly running off of a different IP wouldn't change anything. They'd still ban your ass if they caught you either way.
  10. Been wondering this too I've been wanting to start botting on another acc but don't really want to do it on the same in ad my main.

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