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  1. Tried to use team viewer on my ipad to check my bots and it immediately closed out of all bots and states that i am running two when i am literally running no bots at all. After uninstalling i can only run one but it thinks i am running two. I dont know if this is shit programming on your part or what, but its kinda gay,
  2. Something else is also kinda gay. You.
    Anyways, if your memory usage is already high, and you attempt to run another program, it will force the program to shut down. In this case, teamviewer server peaked memory usage when you logged in, this causing RuneMate to force shutdown.

    I am not sure if leechers are allowed to run 1 or 2 bots, but if the case is you should be allowed to run 2, just wait like 30 minutes and login to client again, this to allow the current session to expire. And please, do not run right away and post a "bug" report.

    tl;dr OP is a idiot.
  3. My usage is at 15% dude. I literally have put 2 grand into my computer, so thats not the issue. I can run 15 instances of Superior drummer and Bias fx while recording. Your talking about a program that is twice the work as fucking rune mate.
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    Also, if you dont know something as simple as the bot limit I wouldnt post calling someone an "idiot". Not only is it just a douchebaggary thing to do, it makes you look dumb. Leechers can run up to 2 bots.
  4. First off, if you're going to come off with attitude like this and in the OP then you should honestly just leave RM. Now if you want to calm down a little and be civilized then stay and work through your problems rather than looking like an ass. Now that has been said, this error has happened to me a few times, fastest way to fix this is to exit the client, wait about 30 minutes and retry it, double check instances of java aren't running in the background using your task manager. If you STILL can't get it to work, message @Cloud or @Arbiter and I'm sure they'll gladly work it out for you.
  5. considering i didnt call anyone an idiot to begin with, i think i was doing just fine. Tell the smart ass with the "tldr: op is an idiot" to calm down. I can have a rebuttal towards someone calling me an idiot over something so petty.
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    I got it to work, and it is a bug. Theres no reason that it should be difficult for runemate to count to 2.

    I find it amusing you think theres attitude in a response to an initial douchey post
  6. You have attitude in that post as well. I'm glad to hear that it has been resolved and that you have it working again. However when you shit talk the bot "shit programming" and call it "gay" you look like well an ass.
  7. Masters in computer science. I call it when I see it. I just questioned whether or not it was. After diving into the issue, I could deem it was a simple flaw in programming. It's ok. not mad. lets move on.
  8. Why does it always seem like kids who "masters in computer science" are the most dumbest ones alive? I honestly mean that you mastering in computer science does not mean you know everything about anything. Guys, OP tried to insult me via PM, lol.
  9. If you knew anything about programming at all you wouldn't ever start such a thread.
    You said you didn't have an attitude, then what is this: "I dont know if this is shit programming on your part or what, but its kinda gay"? Yes, that's a fucking attitude. Don't expect any nice replies from the community when you start off like this.

    Back to the question at hand, the client probably says to the RM server "hey man, I'm closing down" everytime someone closes the application _normally_. Now, in your case the OS forced a shutdown on the clients which didn't allow them to send that message so the server still thinks you're running those clients. As already stated, just wait a bit and don't ever start a thread with such an attitude again, you disgust me.
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  10. ooooooo.... pew pew pew...get wrecked OP
  11. It's not a bug. Your clients were forced to shut down. @Arbiter will explain
  12. But it's a bug, Unless it's advertised somewhere as a feature "Bot can only be opened once every 30 minutes otherwise you'll break our servers"
    It's clearly a flaw in the system, if you have no business on the matter other than insulting the op for mentioning something that is a reasonably frequent occurrence that nobody else bothered to care about before, why post.
    Your vengeance against people who have qualifications that are valid in the 21st century is kinda cute tho. Ayy-Ayy Captain.
    Based on your method of analysis I could say all sailors appear to have a pole shoved up their asses.
    In the wise words of vag
    "tl;dr" : Quoted Is just a salty scammer

    "It's just the way it works" blah blah blah
    You could just as easily get the client to send a regular signal to the server and if that doesn't occur it's been terminated by external means, ~handle from there
  13. Do you not read more than one post before posting a reply? It's not a bug. And it's not that you can only run it every 30 minutes. Your client was forcefully shut down, resulting in the session continuing on the runemate servers. I did make a request a while back to make a sessions panel so that users can end any sessions that are no longer valid to avoid this issue, but spectre has been the main focus and @Arbiter probably forgot about it.
  14. Of course I do, but:
  15. You'd think that someone who has a Masters in CS would understand that there are certain edge cases which are difficult to account for and reproduce. Or, you might think a little more and realize that unexpected/ungraceful program terminations will leave the session hanging, and any session based service would count that hanging session as an active one until it times out.
    Calling it shit programming is pretty short sighted. Its working as intended.
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  16. Just make your own bot if you're not happy with RuneMate. Simple.
  17. Nah I won't because this whiny prepubescent doesn't deserve my time.
  18. THIS is why we love you
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