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Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by tafani, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. I think that Runemate should introduce a New section on the bot store with Super-premium scripts bots that can be purchased for a set Price Under $10.00, E.g A AIO Slayer script bot for $5.00 that gives you life-time use of the script bot + Bug Support

    The scripts bots that would be placed in the section would have to be the Top of the Line scripts bots that work perfectly So that people that purchase it get Full-usage out of it.

    scripts bots I'd pay for:
    Slayer AIO $5.00
    Dungeonering AIO $10.00
    Alpha Portables $3.00 (I know this is a free-script bot but it's something that I would pay for)

    Purchases would be a One time payment only, %15 of the Cost would go towards the Site to keep it online & pay staff for there services & the remainder would go directly to the script bot author. This gives authors a reason to create Amazing scripts bots.

    Before the script bot would be eligible to be placed in the 'Buy-able' Section the script bot should be released for Free for a period of atleast 1-2 Weeks to ensure Bugs are fixed before people spend money on it.

  2. I am against this idea, the "premium" model RM uses that charges $/hour is the best way to ensure the user gets what they pay for and pushes bot authors to keep bots maintained.

    You can get such "deals" for a fixed amount by negotiating with a bot author and them making you a private bot.

    @Arbiter, Thoughts?
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  3. A $5 AIO Slayer bot? Jeez dude, that's a lot of work for such a cheap bot.
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  4. What a joke. Why in the hell would a bot author go and put in all that effort to write a perfect aio bot AND give it continued support just so they can get a small one time payment from each user? Never gonna happen.
  5. Because Alot of people will purchase it
  6. That doesnt make it worth it xD

    Full AIO dung bot would be at least 100$ for a lifetime use and bug support... look @ sites like Osbot or whatever the fck its called, there are staking bots for example being 250$ for a lifetime usage.
  7. Lol
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