Buying OSRS Account(s) with 73 hunter!

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Nick Smith, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. As the title says, I'm looking for accounts solely with 73 hunter (OSRS). The lower the other stats the better for me, as it'd be cheaper. If you have anything I could purchase let me know; I'll pay with OSRS preferably, but could use paypal if needed. I would desire using a MM as well.
  2. I can make a account for you with 73 hunter. Or if you have a account I can get it to 73 by hand. Should only take 2 days.
  3. How do I know the validity of you doing it by hand :p ? but if possible, how much would this cost ?

  4. Then don't use me. I am known for training by hand.
  5. If you purchase from @07trainer I am willing to MM. :)
  6. ^^^

    Best MM ever.
  7. How much would these go for, if it just had 73? I have no clue about prices in OSRS :p
  8. 73 Hunter: 992,895 xp * 8 = 7,943,160 gp to level the account.
  9. @ZulrahEzy, I'll take one account training from you if I can give you the username/password rather than you creating it (thus so no recovery issues etc:p) Sorry for the late replies, I've been away from the PC lol. Also will you take 5m gp for it ? and @Arbiter, we will probably use you if that's still fine with you, thanks!
  10. My prices are firm. You have to pay as I listed.
  11. Ok I'll do the price you listed, but will you do it with an account I make please> I'll get back to you later tonight though.
  12. I have lvl 86 OSRS have much you like to pay?
  13. @ZulrahEzy would you be able to start tomorrow if I send you a level 3 account information ? and @WYD, I don't know if it's been botted or not so I'd offer 5m osrs coins
  15. yeah can start tomorrow.
  16. @Arbiter, I'm making a purchase from ZulrahEzy (07trainer) and I'm wondering if you can MM please. I sent you a pm, please reply to that to let me know : )

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