Buying RS3/OSRS accounts any level, 0 gold non member and member

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    Hey runemate!

    I am looking into purchasing a few accounts for a farm project i'm planning to do and it's to sucide on loads of accounts and make a few mill doing it. I have a few things in mind what i'll be doing but I'll be looking into purchasing the following accounts for the following prices...

    • OSRS accounts: new account 0 stats and no tutorial island... -> £0.10 each
    • RS accounts: new account 0 stats -> £0.05 each
    • Accounts that are throw aways that you no longer need we will discuss via private message on a price. or exchange for private proxies. HTTPS only.
    • Membership accounts: £2 - £4
    • OSRS / RS accounts with combat stats over 80 -> £5+ ( remember these accounts are throwaways that's why the price is low and none of them need to have a bank. the account must be 100% empty otherwise i'll drop the bank when i login )
    Information before I purchase from you:

    • Screenshot the account name as well as the stats and bank ( if the bank is included )
    • Give me a price that you think fits your account and we will go from there if you just want to hop in a private chat.
    • PayPal email. I will be sending as friends and family.... the accounts can be in any quanity... so if you have some that you own and do not want. I will take them off your hands.

    Frequently asked questions:

    • Can i get bitcoin or another currency when I sell my account to you?
    No you cannot. I only send as friends and family.

    • Can I get my account back once i've sold you it?
    No you cannot. Once the payment is done I will be the new owner of the account.

    • What happens once i've sold you an account?
    Well. once you've sold me the account and I know what is on it... I'll be changing the email to mine and then you'll confirm the email change and I'll be changing the username most likely. Once this is all completed you will get the money in your paypal account.

    • What if I want the money first then I give you the accounts...
    I will deny your request. But lets say you sell me 10 accounts. We will do the 5 accounts 1st then I'll pay you 50% then after the next 5 accounts I'll pay the other 50% but I'll only do 50/50. Nothing else otherwise it gets complicated and the trade will not be done.

    • Can I give you accounts in exchange for a private proxy?
    Yeah you can, My proxies are SSL protected and only work with HTTPS. If you give me accounts worth over £6 I'll give you one of my private proxies to use for a month. if you like it we can discuss what to do further in a private message.

    Okay, now I've posted this I want you all to know this is my 1st time ever posting something like this. If i have messed up somewhere please let me know. I've seen posts like this dotted around the place so i was like meh I'll go ahead and make one myself since I don't want to be making 100's of accounts.

    If something is wrong it will be changed if not removed completely. I hope I have complied with everything / within guidlines and rules.

    Thanks for your time

    ~ Hyper
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  2. Firefoxes

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    Afaik if you have membership in rs3 - you'll have membership on osrs as well on this acc, so your pricing for rs3-osrs accs should be same.
  3. HyperHacks18

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    Thanks dude, I changed it to £4

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